The ABC’s of SEO


A recent LinkedIn poll by Agency Stack found that 67% of respondents chose search engine optimisation (SEO) as the marketing service they needed the most support with. 

Using our industry experience as a white label digital marketing agency, this response is likely due to a few simple reasons: they don’t have the expertise in their team; they don’t understand the concept; they don’t have time to learn about it. 

But all of these answers revolve around the same theme: knowledge. 

So, in lieu of spending hours in online webinars and months trialling your own makeshift SEO strategies, this article is your official guide to SEO. 

If you think your clients can manage without harnessing SEO, frankly, you’re probably wrong. The conversions that can be unlocked by ranking highly on search engines cannot be understated and we’re here to show you why. 

If, after reading this blog, you’re interested in harnessing the SEO services of Agency Stack, get in touch and become our next digital marketing partner.

What Is It?

SEO is the practice of curating your website so that it ranks highly on the likes of Google, increasing your clients’ organic reach and boosting their businesses.

This process strictly relates to organic search results which are listed beneath any paid ads placed for that search term using Google Ads.

Millions of experts have spent decades analysing the evolution of SEO algorithms and what they mean for the billions of users on the internet. This should tell you just how important it is to the fabric of digital marketing and why Agency Stack recommends every client makes it a priority. 

Despite the name – search engine optimisation – SEO is actually more about making your website appeal to humans. Rather than optimising for search engines, SEO is about making your website easier to find on search engines.

With this in mind, it makes sense to have a business appear as accessible and consumable as possible to its customers. What is marketing for, after all?

What Can You Do Yourself?

Anything worth doing can be learned online – this much is for sure. But there’s a good reason those millions of SEO experts have devoted their time in the 21st century to the practice – SEO is a rabbithole you can’t really climb out of. 

Despite this, there are some simple things you can do to get your website started. They’re unlikely to get your website on Google’s first page by themselves, but you’ve got to start somewhere. 

Google Search Central has provided a very in-depth SEO starter guide which can be a great jumping off point for new websites. 

The very first step, according to Google, is making sure your website even ranks at all. It may sound strange, but Google’s directory isn’t actually an exhaustive list of every website on the internet. There are lonely little sites out there with SEO so poor that Google’s crawlers don’t even take notice of them. 

To tick this first box, anyone can submit a sitemap to Google for approval and most sites will be accepted to join the masses of search results. 

Further SEO goals include high-quality content, a well-designed site with links, image captions and a functional navigation bar. 

If we’re getting a bit out of your depth, it may be time to call in the experts and invest some coin while saving time on a well-designed website.

What Can We Do For You?

Agency Stack has a team of experts who all contribute to your website’s ranking, including performance analysts, copywriters, web developers and designers. 

They produce blogs, website functionality, and performance results which can all be used to learn from and improve a website.

But why do these things even help SEO? 

The frequent uploading of well-written content (blogs) is recognised by Google’s crawlers as a useful contribution to the internet’s pool of information. For playing a helpful part in it all, Google rewards such websites with a higher ranking, therefore providing a better experience for Googlers. 

Overall, it’s in Google’s interest to promote websites which were made to please genuine people. 

Once content is uploaded and Google ranks a site accordingly, it’s equally important to analyse results and learn from your current SEO practices. Without a review process, nothing will be learned and your website will slowly fall down the rankings and become irrelevant once more.

Avoid Irrelevance with Agency Stack

A marketing partnership with us will go a long way to pushing your clients’ websites up Google search results. If you’re in the 67% who need support with SEO, get in touch and allow us to go to work on your websites.

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