If you’re in the digital marketing game, you need to first speak the language. Your clients are relying on it to ensure they keep up with the rest of the players!

For digital agencies, PR companies, and advertising agencies worldwide, SEO is a must.Our expert team is proud to assist with this evolving aspect of your marketing strategy.

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Seo Services We Deliver

Keyword Monitoring

We’ll monitor keywords that you’re currently ranking for, as well as keywords that you’re aiming for to help you climb the rankings and reach that first page of Google.

Competitor Analysis

Our team will do a deep dive into your industry and any potential competitors, before suggesting how your brand can become more competitive.

Analytics Auditing

We’ll access your Google Search Console and analyse your website’s analytics – from general account structure, to goals and bounce rate, our team can review the lot.

National & Local Citations

Although not a major ranking factor, citations help to increase Google’s trust in your business and prove that it actually exists. It all helps when performing successful local SEO.

Backlinks Auditing

We evaluate all links pointing to your website from external sources – good and bad. Once they’re identified, a strategy will be developed to deal with them, therefore improving SEO.

Blogger Outreach

We’ll suggest key opportunities for working with relevant bloggers and influencers within your industry to build useful backlinks and promote your website content.

Broken Link Reporting

Our team will regularly check your website’s links and report to you on any that are broken – too many broken links on a site tells Google that the site is outdated and untrustworthy.

Site Speed Optimisation

Your website won’t rank well if it doesn’t load quickly! Our team will take a look at your site speed on desktop, tablet and mobile, and make suggestions of where improvements can be made.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you do!

If you’re planning on building a new website, or want to improve your website stats, one of the first things we would ask you is ‘what are your SEO plans?’

If you want to be ranking well within Google (or another Search Engine), then SEO is the best way to get ahead.

Getting a keyword strategy in place is one of the first steps in SEO.

We will ask you if there are any particular keywords or search phrases that you would like to rank for. We will also carry out competitor research to see what similar businesses are ranking well for, and what you’re missing out on!

From there, we’ll get a definitive list of target keywords together and get a plan of action in place.

To put it simply, doing it to begin with!

There is no scientific code when it comes to SEO, otherwise known as Search Engine Optimisation.

In order to rank well (and therefore have more chance of being seen by a larger audience) you have to prove to Search Engines that your website is relevant to a user’s web search.

It doesn’t stop there either – you then have to prove that you’re a reliable source of information and trustworthy too!

The easiest way to break this down is to consider on-page SEO as the front-end – this is everything that you can do yourself on your website and within your content.

Technical SEO focuses on the techniques that don’t involve any of the content on your website – so more along the lines of ensuring that Search Engines can read your website easily, whereas on-page SEO would involve working on the impression that Search Engine bots would get overall.

SEO is constantly changing…we can’t stress this enough!

That’s why it’s SO important to do it – what is working today and has you ranking within the top 10 results in Google, won’t necessarily work tomorrow.

What’s more, Google is continuously updating and amending it’s algorithm. This means, work is ALWAYS needed to keep up (and stay ahead of your competition).

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