Social media is a great way to stay in touch with your customers, but paid social advertising is where you can really start to make serious inroads towards reaching the masses and raising awareness.

We offer fully customisable packages designed to match your clients’ objectives – as well as your capacity and capability – because no two agencies are the same.

Get in touch and take advantage of our paid social success! 

Paid Social Services We Deliver


Our team will access your social platforms and perform a deep dive into how ads are currently performing. They’ll then provide all information and suggestions to you.


If you’re unsure of where to begin with paid socials, we can guide you through the entire process – from budgets, to target audience, and beyond.


We can take complete control of getting paid social ads set up properly. Confused by ‘top of the funnel’? No idea of what campaign you should be running? We can help!


We won’t suggest anything without showing you what results could be achieved by implementing changes – making it easier for you to pitch to clients too!

Content Suggestions

We can suggest what ad copy and imagery is needed for the ad to perform at its best. This will bring results in whichever metric you require – leads, conversions, sales – you name it!

Campaign Management

If you don’t have the capacity to check on clients’ paid social accounts, we can do this for you. Our dedicated team will manage all aspects of your ads and provide thorough updates for you at all times.

Comprehensive Reporting

Need data for a certain time period? We can help! Our team can provide in-depth reports on an ad hoc basis, along with thorough monthly reports that you can share with your client.

Technical Support

Our knowledgeable team is on-hand to provide any technical support that you may need. If an ad has been rejected or there’s an issue with budgets, we can help with any queries you have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Social media is a fantastic tool – however, there’s only so much that you can expect for free!

Paid social ads are a great way to effectively utilise the platforms’ extensive database – targeting users interested in technology? Got it. Or an audience that’s similar to a successful competitor? The data is all there and waiting.

Start using it.

Any social platform that you can think of, we can help.

From the likes of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, TikTok and more…the possibilities are endless!

Campaign objectives are usually split into 3 categories, depending on each platform – these are Brand AwarenessConsideration and Conversion.

These can often be referred to as Bottom Of Funnel (BOF), Middle Of Funnel (MOF) and Top Of Funnel (TOF) – as each campaign is used to ‘push’ or encourage a customer further down the funnel and eventually result in a purchase.

We tend to find that some agencies will get hung up on the idea of having a conversion campaign (we get it, who doesn’t want to make a sale?!) where a brand awareness or consideration campaign would actually be more cost-effective, and result in conversions further down the line anyway.

Choosing an objective is completely up to you – we’ll work out which objectives we believe would work best, based on your business goals and present our suggestions to you before we do anything.

Not at all!

We won’t access any of your clients’ social accounts with an Agency Stack email address – we’re happy for you to set us up with an email address for your company, or alternatively, our social account managers can use dedicated ‘vanilla’ email addresses.

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