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5 Reasons Why Website Maintenance is Important

If you have a business, maintaining your website throughout the year is key to ensuring that your site is complimenting your business strategy. You may be wondering if you should outsource website maintenance or whether you can keep on top of this in-house. It is of course an added expense if you choose to outsource, which is something that especially smaller businesses or businesses who are just starting out should consider. Below, we’ll run you through our list of reasons why regular website maintenance is so important.

First impressions

Your website is the digital face of any brand or business. Alongside social media platforms, it’s one of the first places visitors will come to get information about your company. Regular website maintenance is important here, as when you keep your site updated with fresh, new content, you in turn can attract potential new customers by driving new traffic to your site. If your website is looking like it is in desperate need of some TLC or it isn’t working properly, customers aren’t going to stay on your site. A poorly maintained website looks unprofessional and will reflect badly on your business.

Grow sales

For your existing clients and customers, keeping your site up to date with original and new content is crucial to retaining them. If the information you’re providing on your website looks like it’s outdated, customers may be inclined to look to your competitor’s site for what they need. If you don’t want to be missing out on potential sales, website maintenance is crucial here as it helps keep your website running smoothly 24/7.

Improve security

As technology advances, hackers are becoming increasingly clever at identifying vulnerabilities in code on websites and have no hesitations taking advantage of this. By staying on top of website maintenance, you can keep all of your software and plug-ins updated. In Australia, cyberattacks are costing the economy $1 billion AUD a year. In the US, cyberattacks cost companies $15.4 million USD per year and repairing the resulting damage is often costly, not to mention the fallout with regards to your relationships with customers. If their personal information has been compromised, they may no longer trust you with their data.

Boost SEO strategy

If you’re keen to boost your search engine rankings, what do you need to do? You guessed it! Website maintenance is important for this reason because when you update your website with different, regular content, your website’s rankings will improve and therefore encourage new visitors to your site. That’s partly because search engine algorithms love being fed fresh, new content – they can’t sustain themselves on the content they’ve already consumed! So if you’re updating your website regularly like a pro, you’re just giving search engines like Google even more of a reason to rank you higher. Make sure you’re using appropriate keywords and that your website updates are relevant, as well as being optimised for search engines.

Encourages site backups

If you’ve ever had a lost or stolen phone, you will know how important it is to have all of your information backed up. There’s nothing worse than trying to replace a device, only to realise that you don’t have access to a most recent backup of all of your data. Think about how much more frustrating this would be for a website. If your site needs to be rebuilt or reinstated, you’ll hopefully be working from a backup. Website maintenance is paramount here as it means that you can avoid costly fees and the time-consuming task of rebuilding the website from scratch. You might have to pay a fee if your backup is being kept on a hosting platform, but that’s preferential compared to going back to square one.

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Writing Your Ecommerce To Do List

Ecommerce is grabbing the attention of millions of customers around the world. It’s an accessible and convenient way to purchase things from the comfort of our own homes. Online shopping through ecommerce retailers saves consumers time and energy while they can continue to get their desired items delivered to their doorstep. 

However, most users value user experience the most while purchasing products or services online. Many ecommerce retailers are left far behind their competition because they are unable to offer what is now the expected level of user experience despite having quality products and offering cost-effective deals. Every business should remember that having a website with an impressive design is not always enough, they need to continuously put their efforts into the maintenance of their website. 

There are two possible options when it comes to maintaining your site. One is hiring white label website maintenance services from a reliable vendor or as a second option, recruiting your own team of developers and designers who can look after your website and perform its maintenance on a regular basis. 

We’ve put together our favourite tips and tricks to ensure your website maintenance to do list covers all the important things!

Use Google Tag Manager:

Your ecommerce site is already using Google Analytics, Adwords, and other code snippets for various purposes. Manually managing all these code snippets can sometimes be challenging and time consuming. Google Tag Manager on the other hand, enables you to centralise and manage all those code snippets in one place without any need for manual coding. You can even choose which tags should be triggered in which situation. This tag manager is a better option instead of spreading third party codes all over your website. This will help make your site faster. Everything in the one place makes managing your website easier. Tools that are not in use can be easily removed. You can activate tracking without ruining HTML code. In case if anything goes wrong, you can quickly undo it using Tag manager. 

Search for 404s:

You can easily view how Google sees your website by using Google Search Console. Additionally, it also suggests improvements in HTML code to enhance the performance of your website. It also enables you to see how your website will appear in Google search results. You can observe links to your site and indexed pages on Google as well through this tool. The most useful thing to do with this tool is observing the crawl errors. This tool enables you to figure out the websites and links that direct traffic to non-existing 404 pages on your website. These 404s can be a problem for your SEO and user experience as well. Once you are able to figure out all 404 errors, you can either create pages for missing links or create 301 redirects. Redirects tend to be much faster and easier and this also enables you to divert the traffic to the desired destination.

Step into the Shoes of Your Customers:

There are a number of bugs that are often overlooked during the process of development in order to meet the website creation deadline. These bugs are usually non-critical and their rectification is planned to be done after the site is live. The most authentic way to figure out these bugs and fix them is to observe how real visitors use this site with the help of video sessions. For instance, there can be issues regarding design and layout of the website when Google translate is used by the visitors to translate the content of the website into their native languages. This way you can see the performance and issues of your site through someone else’s eyes and come with suitable improvements to rectify the issue.

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Why Your Site Needs More TLC

Businesses are looking for different ways to reach out to their consumers in these difficult times due to lockdown. However, because of the COVID-19 global pandemic, people may be restricted to their homes but thanks to the internet, if anything, people are staying more connected than ever.

This means that they are also using the internet to source products, goods, and services they may need. This has increased the load of traffic on many ecommerce websites considerably. This increased load of traffic, while great for businesses, can cause problems for your website if it’s not ready for the rush. Therefore, it should be high on your to- do list to make sure that your website is optimised and capable of handling increased traffic.

In order to keep you or your clients websites looking sharp, you can outsource website maintenance to white label agencies. Don’t tell anyone but we actually know a great one…

If you’d rather take on the DIY task of maintaining your site, here are some of our insider tips to get started!

Your website essentially represents your business on the internet and acts as the digital face of your brand. A routine-based maintenance schedule of your ecommerce site is just like a good skin care routine. Regular care will ensure you a smooth working website 24 hours a day 7 days a week without and prevent any interruptions.

Maintenance on a regular basis will also allow you to ensure proper working of your website. If you overlook these needs for regular maintenance of your business website, you may miss small errors that could otherwise be rectified easily.

Ensuring your website is regularly responsive means your customers are always able to find what they need. This means they will see your brand as loyal and reliable, improving your customer retention.

Maintenance on a regular basis will help you in keeping your site updated and loaded with fresh and new content. Updating your site with original and unique content regularly will help you in keeping a prominent position in search engine result rankings. This in turn will help you better control and drive traffic to your site. This is also a great way to establish your business as an authority of your niche where customers can find relevant information and updates in the form of engaging content.

There is nothing more important for businesses than retaining their existing customers. As regular maintenance of a website also helps in keeping it updated and loaded with fresh original content, it will help you in keeping your existing customers satisfied and strengthening your bond with them. Your existing customers will not only view your original content but also share it on various platforms thus lending a helping hand in your venture of securing new customers for your business. Word of mouth marketing is one of the most powerful forms of generating leads.

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A Website’s Work Is Never Done

When it comes to websites there’s no such thing as set and forget. Your site should always be treated like a car. In order for it to drive you further towards results, you need to regularly service it and pump it full of the right fuel. The term website maintenance often turns people off but in reality you don’t have to be a web developer to run a good website. Here’s all you need to know about keeping your website up to date and adaptable. If it feels like too big of a job or you’re looking to maintain client sites, perhaps it’s time to call in the experts.

Is your site dated?
Does your site look out of date? You may have set your site up following the hottest trends at the time but none of that matters a year later when your site starts to look dated. A dated site isn’t going to feel like a reliable source of relevant information to your customers. Keeping your site looking and feeling relevant doesn’t have to be complicated. You can cut your workload in half by starting on the right foot. A simple minimal design is always going to showcase information and products easily and it’s never really going to look out of date either. As trends change, the less updating you have to do, the better. Call on classic design elements to ensure your site will stand out in any era.

Is your content fresh?
Your website is set up, you’ve got a good batch of content, but it stops there. Your customers are impressed upon their first visit but by their third or fourth your site is offering nothing new. Even if your content is serving the same purpose over and over and over, giving it a fresh face means your existing customers will stay loyal and new customers will be given up to date info every time. Keeping your content on a fresh rotation also means you can target different people at different times. Tap into seasonal traffic with tailored content. With the ability to change your content you can position yourself with trending topics, events, and other businesses. If one type of content isn’t working you can rearrange or retarget with ease. Neglecting content in a site maintenance strategy is where so many businesses go wrong in staying front of mind.

Think about your customers
Your customers should be at the forefront of any decision you make regarding your site. Their needs are constantly changing and evolving as well as the way in which they interact with businesses on a digital platform. Little things, like optimising your site for mobile/tablet use go a long way. The more you can seamlessly fit your site into your customers everyday lives, the more they’ll be willing to bring it into it. Keeping your website up to date and in tune with your customers needs, means keeping a finger on the pulse of their interests.

Behind all the content strategies, the aesthetics, and the marketing is the back end technology powering your site. Technology evolves and changes fast and it certainly waits for no one. When it comes to the technology powering your site its keep up or get left behind. This is something that’s never going to change so it should be an integral part of your maintenance strategy. When setting up your site consider how much data and files you have on there and how easily they can be backed up. If you keep your site running with only the necessities and don’t overcrowd with gimmicky features it’ll always be able to adapt and upgrade with the technology it’s running on.