Where to Begin Your Client’s Digital Marketing Plan


Marketing plans don’t have to involve every tool at your disposal. In fact, some clients will benefit just as much from a few well-executed tweaks as they would to the whole suite.

Every client will approach your agency with different needs depending on their industry, growth stage, goals, audience, and budget. From these factors, deciding where to start in developing their marketing plan can be ultra time-consuming and difficult to explain to the client. 

As a white label digital marketing agency, Agency Stack is well-versed in making these decisions and putting plans in place. We are therefore your first port-of-call when deciding on where to begin your client’s digital marketing plan. 

This blog will discuss some common starting points when working with a client who is seeking to gain maximum traction with minimal tools. While some of them aren’t necessarily the most affordable, they should pack the most value and prove your agency’s worth to clients. 


Whether your client is a big time business or they’re just a little fish cracking into the market, search engine optimisation (SEO) is a highly advisable place to start.

It’s likely that their goals are to increase conversions, sales, followers, or some similar metric, which involves an audience flocking to their digital platforms. 

As a website will likely be one of these platforms, SEO is a vital part of achieving these goals. 

It’s been found that moving your website up by one place in Google’s search rankings can improve click-through-rate by 32.3%!

Considering the top spot on Google receives roughly the same percentage of total clicks, it’s vital that a client’s website ranks highly on search engines. 

This can be achieved in a number of ways, including posting regularly reliable content; using keywords; a well designed website; backlinking; improving page speed; and being mobile friendly. 

Agency Stack has come to develop a team of experts in all of these tasks and has seen the results of strong SEO performance. If you’re stuck for where to begin a client’s marketing plan, it’s certainly with SEO. 

Social Media

If SEO is useful to 99% of businesses, a strong social media presence might be useful to 98% of them. 

Of course, it may not be as helpful for industries like healthcare, education, or finance, but that leaves an extremely wide range of businesses that can benefit from social media.

With roughly 4.5 billion users on social media in 2022, the potential to reach a given target audience is clear to see. 

In 2022, it’s forecast that US companies will have spent almost $63 billion on social media marketing, showing just how valuable this medium is to marketers. 

When pitching social media to clients, it’s important to highlight the value for money that’s made possible by the platforms. 

The Content Marketing Institute found that social media platforms (82%) were the most used method to distribute organic content by B2C marketers, topping blogs (79%) and emails (76%).

Of course, while posting is free on all major social media platforms, quality content creation is where the real value is gained. 

Make sure to attack your social media management with quality copywriting and graphic design.

Website Development

In 2019, Google commissioned Deloitte to study website user conversion rates. They found that improving website load times by just 0.1 seconds caused retail customers to spend 10% more and similarly improved conversion rates in other industries too.

If you want to throw all of your eggs in one marketing basket, website development may be the place to throw them.

If your social media page is your digital billboard, then your website homepage is your digital shopfront. No one is going to click any further if the windows are all dusty and the displays are outdated. 

The facts don’t lie when talking about the importance of quality website development:

  • Mobile users generated more than half of all web traffic in the second quarter of 2022, according to Statista, proving the importance of optimising your websites for mobile devices.
  • This global survey found that 88.5% of web users chose slow site speed as their top reason to abandon a site.
  • Finally, photos and imagery were considered the most important visual factor on a well-designed website, according to this report.

If you recognise that your client’s website doesn’t satisfy any of these criteria – mobile-friendly, fast load times, enticing imagery – it may be well worth offering them a web development package. 

If you don’t have the capacity to offer this service, try contacting Agency Stack and we can become an extension of your agency. 

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As a white label digital marketing agency, we pride ourselves on offering each piece of the puzzle to satisfy you and your clients. 

SEO, social media, web development and so much more can be achieved by partnering with Agency Stack. Just give us a call and watch our team get to work.

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