Why Should You Invest in a Website Audit?


If you’ve read many of our other articles, you’ll have gathered that websites are far from ‘set and forget’ assets. 

They require a nurturing touch from someone skilled in maintenance and development, to allow for traffic, conversions, and revenue to flourish. 

If any of these metrics are lacking for your business, or if your website just looks a little lacklustre, consider our white label website maintenance to keep your website in the eyes of your audience.

Improved UX/UI

If you’re unaware of user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) basics, it’s about time you read up on the basics of website development. 

These pillars of digital real estate ensure that your audience have a good first impression and continue to navigate the website with ease. 

Achieving both of these will go a long way to increasing your conversion rate, as will be discussed later on. 

UX can be helped by removing jargon, improving mobile compatibility, responsiveness and average load time. 

On the other hand, UI is helped by simple and consistent designs, clear navigation, and accessible features.

These are just some examples of the points that would be checked in a website audit to improve its overall form and function.

If you need to know more, we offer a wealth of information both through our website and our support team to help budding agencies improve their clients’ websites. 

Rank Higher on Search Engines

We can’t mention search engine optimisation (SEO) enough. This pillar of website maintenance is your biggest ticket to e-success and takes a special skill set to perfect.

Through the use of targeted keywords, high-quality content, link building, and so much more, SEO can take your website from page 100 to page 1 of Google’s organic search rankings, bringing you exponentially more traffic.

It’s a specialisation within itself and is often our clients’ first port of call to kick-off their digital marketing campaigns. 

A website audit would assess all the keys to strong SEO, including the above points, plus mobile optimisation, crawlability and meta-descriptions. 

A basic audit would take merely 30 minutes, while an extensive one could take days. It all depends how important your website’s performance is to your business. 

Invest in Your Business

If all of this jargon has gone over your head, the simple truth of the matter is that a website audit can improve your traffic, conversion rate and overall revenue. 

Consider your homepage like a digital storefront for your business and the rest of the website like the store within.

If it’s ugly on the outside and messier on the inside, no one will dare shop with you. 

Likewise, if it’s hard to find on a map or no one is talking about your brand, then things are likely to stay that way.

Hire a professional to clean things up and get the word out there, however, and you’ll quickly see that your cyberstore can become the talk of the town. 

Get in touch with the team at Agency Stack and discuss your need for a website audit. Every site could do with a touch up – some more than others – so allow us to point you in the right direction.

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