Why Pay for Google Ads?


Your marketing campaign only has so many dollars in the tank and some very specific KPIs to hit. Your boss is expecting results and the success of this campaign will determine the budget and ultimate success of the next. So you’d better get this right. 

But with so many modern advertising avenues, it can be hard to figure out which route to take. Should you pay for Google Ads and flounder in the world of SEO? Should you buy a big billboard and hope that does the job? 

Well, in fact, there is another alternative. Agency Stack is a premier white label marketing agency that is capable of taking on your overflow content in SEO, copywriting, design, and of course, paid ads. 

Simply outsource copywriters and SEO specialists with Agency Stack to make the most of your Google Ad budget and you’ll be reaping the benefits in no time. 

But Google Ads may not be the ideal strategy for every business, so consider these benefits to understand if they’re for you. 

Massive Reach

Google fields billions – yes, billions! – of searches every day. Though not all of them are in your language and far fewer are relevant to your industry, we’re still left with a significant audience to target your ads towards. 

If your potential customers are searching for your product, they’ll find it the most efficiently on Google. Likewise, you’ll meet them most efficiently with Google Ads. 

But appealing to a large audience can feel like finding the hay in a needlestack. It can be difficult, painful and futile. After all that effort, you’re left with one measly piece of hay and a bunch of (budget) cuts.

Luckily, there’s a way to spin that hay into gold…

Targeted Ads

With Google Ads, the advertiser (that’s you!) can display their website to a specific cross-section of Googlers based on location, personal interests, search habits, and towards those who’ve interacted with them before.

This is much more efficient than advertising with TV, radio, or physical signage, as these mediums are presented to anyone who happens upon them by chance. 

By targeting your ads towards a specific audience, you can be sure that each marketing dollar is maximised and conversions follow suit. 

Flexible Budget

While the price of Google Ads can ramp up in no time, it is fairly simple to start small to suit your business and budget. 

Different industries come with various average costs per ad click, with real estate and dentistry examples of high-end pricing. At the lower end, furniture, restaurants, and arts & entertainment are far easier to break into. 

But the fact remains, cost-per-click online advertising allows you to set a ceiling on your campaign to remove the risk of a blowout.

As your budget ramps up, you’ll be able to pay to advertise on more in-demand searches and appear in front of those that matter most.

Faster Results Than SEO Techniques

Optimising your website to appeal to search engines can take months or years – with the end goal to reach the first page of Google results. But Google Ads lets you fast-track these results and appear on page one today! 

This could be the technique to kickstart your business’ brand awareness and soon you’ll be able to reach page one without the need for paid aids. 

It’s only takes a simple cost-benefit analysis to understand that paying your way in the early days could bring dividends in the near future. 

Need to Know More? 

If you understand the benefits but don’t know how to get started, Agency Stack can kickstart the Google Ads your clients need to build their brand. 

We’re a premier white label marketing agency with specialists in copywriting, SEO, paid ads, organic social media, design and account management. 

Hand your overflow content to us and watch your clients be none the wiser as their business booms. 

Contact us for a consultation and allow us to understand which gaps need filling in your agency’s capabilities.

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