Why It’s Time to Outsource Google Ads


Over the last decade or so Google ads have become a key tactic for businesses to reach their ideal customers. If you are not delivering paid search as a part of your service offering, chances are you’re leaving money on the table.

I can already hear you saying, “PPC isn’t a part of our core service offering” or “We don’t have the time/resources to deliver PPC”.  But lack of capacity or capability doesn’t have to be a roadblock.

Delivering key performance tactics like Google Ads doesn’t have to be a burden for your existing team. Especially when you can simply outsource these activities to a white label service provider like Agency Stack.

The Key to Business is Focus

If you’re looking for a business reboot, then take a leaf out of Apple CEO Tim Cook’s book. “It’s easy to add…it’s hard to stay focused,” he said in a Charlie Rose interview, “so the hardest decisions we make are all the things not to work on.”

Staying focused is key to successfully steering your business, which is exactly why you need to sort out what’s really your job and what can be done by somebody else.

We don’t suggest a Marie Kondo “does it spark joy?” approach, but you should ask yourself if you’re losing important opportunities for growth because you’re distracted and overworked.

Every business goes through growth pains and challenging periods where the staff and revenue ratios are not quite adding up. Luckily, you can help your business sail through all the ups and downs by outsourcing the more routine aspects of your service offerings, such as content creation and PPC, to ensure that you and your business don’t become overstretched.

Focus on what’s important: innovation, marketing, and manning the ship. Being a CEO means acting like a CEO, which means no more cluttering up your schedule with yards of ad copy to write, when you could be out there meeting clients and improving the reach quality of your brand.

OK, So What About Google Ads?

A successful Google Ads campaigner is a detail-orientated person. From fine-tuning the key words, to refining brand messaging, to zeroing in on the best audience via analytics, it’s a lot of work to arrive at the best possible ad.

By outsourcing PPC requirements, you can give Google Ads the attention it deserves without compromising on your bigger goals.

Let Agency Stack Take Care of Your Google Ads

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