When It’s Time to Outsource


As digital marketers, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is one of the greatest tools we have at our disposal, and it should form a cornerstone for just about every campaign. However, setting those campaigns up takes time and money, as does training and hiring the staff that run them. If your client base is growing but you only have one or two people handling all PPC campaigns, you’re going to find yourself having to pass clients on to a better-resourced agency or simply allow them to take their business elsewhere. This is why an increasing number of digital marketing agencies are choosing to go with PPC outsourcing through a white label partner like Agency Stack. By using the right partner, you can eliminate the investment risk associated with hiring new staff, allowing you to run killer PPC campaigns while saving money, growing your client base, and boosting productivity.

What to Look for when Working with a PPC Partner

There are plenty of white label agencies out there all claiming to be able to get the best results for your clients. So how do you pick the right one? Here are a few things to consider when making your decision.


There are many different certifications for PPC and digital marketing, like Google Ads Certification, Facebook Blueprint Certification, and Amazon Advertising Accreditation, to name just a few. It is possible for someone to use these platforms effectively without having completed such a course, but those with accreditations are more likely to have up-to-date, expert knowledge than those without.

Choose a Local Team 

While you could choose an overseas partner for your PPC, this presents a whole range of challenges; working in different time zones and a lack of local knowledge are two common issues, and you may find that an overseas partner requires much more of your time and effort to manage effectively. Given that saving time and effort are two of the greatest benefits of outsourcing PPC, we strongly suggest choosing a local partner.

Get to Know the Account Manager

Talk to your prospective account manager before making your decision. How committed are they to your business? Do they make the effort to understand the product, voice, and business goals of the client, and are they easily contactable when you need them? If it seems like their attention is divided, it’s best to look for another manager or a different agency altogether. At Agency Stack, our Account Managers understand that every client has unique goals, needs, and challenges, and we strive to provide a dedicated, personalised service to effectively scale each business.

Are They Experienced? 

As with anyone you’re employing to do a job, you want a digital growth partner with plenty of experience in their field. How long has the company been around, and what evidence can they show you of successful PPC campaigns that they’ve run? Our team at Agency Stack has extensive experience working with a diverse client base; whatever challenges your client is facing, chances are we’ve seen something like it before.

What Platforms Should You Offer to Your Clients? 

Google Ads is the most popular PPC platform, but there are many others. Facebook, Bing, Twitter, Amazon, and LinkedIn are all excellent platforms for PPC. Deciding which ones are going to work best for your client will depend on their product, target audience, and other factors. For instance, Google has a wider audience than Facebook – about 3.5 billion compared to 1.45 billion – but Google ads tend to be significantly more expensive. Also, if your audience is using social media heavily, then Facebook ads could be much more effective despite the comparatively smaller audience.

The Benefits to Your Clients

When used properly, PPC advertising is one of the most reliable, cost-effective ways of driving conversions and getting your clients’ businesses noticed. A good growth partner will be able to offer you well-managed PPC campaigns, with reliable reports created through analytics tools and a team of PPC experts on call around the clock to respond to your needs.

How Agency Stack Can Help 

Every business wants to achieve clear, measurable returns on their advertising investment, and at Agency Stack, we design and deliver PPC strategy and content that does just that. To talk to one of our team members about PPC advertising packages that will generate the results your clients have been looking for, contact us by phone or email today.

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