What makes a good pay per click campaign?


Any product worth its salt is only as good as the marketing behind it. Whether you’re pushing yours to the top or staying ahead of the pack, a pay per click (PPC) campaign could be the key to success if executed well.   

It can be hard enough getting products or services in stores before considering how they’re marketed and their sales maximised. 

For those short of time and know-how, Agency Stack’s PPC reseller services can remove the stress while you take care of business. Here are just a few expert PPC tips and tricks.

Know What Success Looks Like For You

Whether or not your campaign succeeds will largely depend on how you measure it, and that will depend on your broader business. 

Brand Awareness

This is an important metric for businesses big and small, and this can be tracked in a number of ways.

A retailer could measure revenue; those with a younger audience might love more social media interactions; and a service provider might target more site visits. 

If you’re pushing a new seasonal sale, the use of a discount code or newsletter sign-ups might be your metric. 

In any case, these metrics can all be traced back to your original PPC ad, but they’ll all be difficult to achieve before defining your audience

Know Who You’re Appealing To

Most young people aren’t buying life insurance and most older ones left their skateboarding phase long ago. So, make sure your ads are targeted to those most likely to click, buy or follow. 

Specific audiences are inherently targeted in what you sell, but also in the language you use and the places you appear.

While your Google Ads appeal broadly to those searching your keywords, consider getting more specific and meet your audience where they are

If your products or services appeal to the corporate world, consider LinkedIn for your next PPC ad, while Instagram might work best in the retail world. 

Outside social media, placing PPC ads on sites where your audience congregates – think news outlets or Gumtree – can catch customers’ eyes without them actively seeking you out. 

A Good Looking PPC Ad

Once your metrics are set and your audience defined, your copy and content will go to work. 

A PPC on Google Ads involves a headline and a description which both function to entice the reader to click through to your website. 

Headlines should be concise and summarise the landing page in up to 30 characters. Too long and Google may trim it. Too short and you may omit key information or keywords. 

The description allows up to 156 characters and should include a call-to-action (CTA), giving the audience a reason to visit your website instead of countless other competitors. 

Aside from standing out from the crowd, make sure to include at least some of your ad’s keywords in the description so that Google knows your website is the real deal. 

Still Not Sure?

The world of digital marketing can appear confusing at times, but its powers are worth understanding as the world continues to move online.

If this brief description of PPC ads piqued your interest or you need more clarification, Agency Stack has the expertise to fill in the gaps. 

Don’t hesitate to get in touch to understand how our PPC reseller services can grab customers’ attention and keep it.

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