What Does Website Maintenance Include?


Your clients website is the foundation of their business’s online presence and will be one of the first places of contact between your client and their customers. If this first point of contact isn’t working correctly or efficiently for your customers, you’ll see many opportunities, such as new leads or sales, lost. White label website maintenance is a fast and straightforward method to ensure that your clients are experiencing a clear and simple experience whilst moving through your clients website. 

Why is Website Maintenance Important?

Like most things, maintenance is essential to maintaining a smooth operation. Running regular maintenance on your clients website will ensure that it’s running at the highest capacity possible with an increased security level and a significant boost to their returning traffic levels. The maintenance of their website isn’t just crucial to your clients marketing and sales but the daily operation of their business. 

Troubleshooting Issues

If your client’s website is down, even for a small amount of time, it means a potential loss of customers, which is the last thing you want to see as a business owner. If your client set up their website themself or hired a freelance developer, it means that any issues that occur after this initial build are entirely up to them to fix, which is not a position anyone wants to be in. Hiring a Whitelabel agency means that your clients’ website maintenance and any troubleshooting issues will be sorted out so you can focus on your business and the various other needs of your client while their site is down.  

Security Updates

Websites, especially those built on content management systems such as WordPress, have many moving parts. The updated security of a website system means that any weak areas in your client’s complex website will be patched up and strengthened. It’s precisely why this is one of the essential parts of website maintenance; working to keep your clients website safe from bugs and hackers that are constantly working to crack into your clients confidential information. So if your clients website security systems aren’t updated, it means that they’re more vulnerable to security breaches as well as malware and viruses. 

Updating Plugins

Similar to security concerns, these same plugins and integrations that run on your clients website are constantly being updated to improve functionality and reduce issues and errors—leaving these systems outdated means that your clients’ customers are missing out on improved features that can enhance their experience and increase your brand’s reputation. If these plugins aren’t updated in a worst-case scenario, parts of your clients website can fail, resulting in part of their website breaking or the entire website going down.

Website Updates

Need to change a phone number, update your clients staff section, or even add a new line of products? Without a maintenance contract, your clients are either going to have to find a freelance web developer or sign another contract for their project. A white label agency can update your clients website, whether this means adding in a new product range or updating their contact methods, leaving the stress and negative implications of out of date information in the past. 

How Agency Stack Can Help

The internet is a constantly changing place and one of the most critical elements to ensure your clients success and ongoing website health. If your clients need a newly updated website to bring their brand into the twenty-first century, or they need a team working on regularly maintaining their online presence, talk to our team at Agency Stack by phone or email today.

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