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A global business isn’t built in a day, nor is it achieved with Microsoft Word and Outlook alone. 

To connect colleagues across departments and borders, there must be systems in place to improve the efficiency of the information exchange. 

Gone are the days where Word Art was an acceptable visual and zoom was just a word for moving quickly. 

Instead, industries have developed purpose-built project management software, communication channels, and content creation tools to form the puzzle of modern business management. 

Never one to miss out on the latest trends in these areas, Agency Stack has built a global white label digital marketing agency using its unique suite of tools. 

Through this blog, we hope you can become inspired to do the same, while taking a look behind the scenes of Agency Stack. 


The epicentre of Agency Stack’s project management, ActiveCollab began as an open-source project in 2007, before booming into a major commercial success. 

Tens of thousands of teams worldwide have used this program to stay on top of deadlines, create new tasks, connect with colleagues, submit their availability, and oversee workloads. 

The time tracking feature of the platform allows every hour to be reliably billed, while clients can even be integrated into your tasks for full visibility. 

As far as holistic project management systems go, we’re very content with ours and implore any like-minded businesses to jump on board.


Having more than 200,000 paid customers speaks volumes about this professional communication platform. 

For extra proof of Slack’s quality, 77 of the Fortune 100 companies are using Slack. How’s that for a tight grip on the market? 

Plus, companies like Target, Uber, Netflix, and Expedia are all benefitting from the simplicity of Slack.

So, what makes it so good? 

This “digital HQ” allows you to separate conversations into channels based on their relevance. Personally, the Agency Stack team uses it to distinguish between clients, offices, and dedicated meme-sharing forums. 

Slack enables the integration of all your workflow apps in one place. This includes popular items like your Google Drive, Zoom, OneDrive, Canva, Twitter and our old friend, ActiveCollab. 

We don’t mind the whimsical CatFacts generator either, but your workplace may not be so inclined. 


This leading social media and content marketing solution formed as a start-up in 2015 and was acquired by Adobe in 2021 for an undisclosed sum of more than $100 million.

ContentCal Founder, Alex Packham, said he was hugely excited by the acquisition and saw it as a “giant leap for our industry and for the Creator Economy at large.”

The platform allows for the creation and scheduling of posts across social media platforms, streamlining the content marketing process. 

Agency Stack uses this platform daily to schedule posts across LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Pinterest. 

Managing dozens of brands across multiple clients, we can easily switch between accounts from the dashboard and maintain full visibility of each brand’s upcoming content schedule. 


This whirlwind start-up began in 2013 on the back of years of entrepreneurship by founders Cliff Obrecht and Melanie Perkins, who have now had their company valued at around $US26 billion. 

More than 100 million and 2000 employees later, there is hardly a business that hasn’t touched Canva in the last decade. 

The platform is an online design and publishing tool which was designed to empower anyone to create their own designs for both business and pleasure. 

The design team at Agency Stack is well versed in Canva and uses it to create decks for clients, editable social media posts, social media theme kits, brand kits, and internal presentations. 

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When you partner with Agency Stack and hand us your overflow workload, you place your clients in safe hands. 

Our systems are chosen to secure every step in the content delivery process, while giving our clients the option to fully integrate into that process. 

Let us know if you need the support of our white label digital marketing services and see how we can fit seamlessly into your agency’s workload.

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