The Evolution of Social Media Marketing, Pt 4: TikTok


Last week saw us turn back time and go through the history of Facebook, but now it’s time to come back to the present and talk about all things TikTok.

TikTok is an incredibly easy-to-use platform that encourages everyone who joins to make short, bite-sized pieces of content. In the context of marketing, it’s an excellent way for you to engage with your audience through a fun and creative medium.

At Agency Stack, we’re a white label digital marketing agency that has expert experience in all things social media. We understand the value that TikTok can have for a business and believe that it can do wonders when part of the right marketing strategy.

And on that note, let’s begin our deep dive into all things TikTok!

What Makes TikTok So Popular?

This neat platform has become a must-have for millions of social media users across the globe. But why is that?

TikTok users can create and share original content with their followers, so one of the big appeals is that there’s so much content out there to explore. While it can seem daunting at first, TikTok’s algorithm ensures that your feed is tailored to reflect the content that you’re engaging with already.

Short-form content is also a massive positive for the platform. With videos ranging from 30 seconds to 10 minutes, it’s easy for users to watch a few short pieces of fun content, get their fix and go about their day. The data backs this up – TikTok users spend an average of 95 minutes on the app each day.

How Can You Use TikTok to Your Advantage?

TikTok is a great tool to have in your arsenal and it can help your business reach new heights. The platform allows businesses to create content that aligns with their product or service in a fun and engaging way. This allows you to engage with new audiences and increase overall brand awareness.

However, using this platform does require some strategy. One way you can create memorable TikTok content is to outsource copywriters and video producers to create short, sharp and engaging content that showcases your brand.

There are different types of paid TikTok ads that you can implement to help with your marketing efforts. 

You can create in-feed ads, which can come in the form of an image, video or spark ad. These ads appear in the ‘For You’ section of the app and feature noticeable call-to-action buttons for users to click on. 

You can also have topview ads, which appear when a user opens the app and can’t be skipped. A third ad type to consider is a branded hashtag challenge or branded effects, which enable users to showcase your brand through their own content. 

The Future of TikTok

With the growing trend of users buying products directly off of social media platforms, the future of TikTok lies in eCommerce integration.

TikTok’s ‘Retail Path to Purchase’ is a strategy that empowers businesses to integrate eCommerce into their TikTok content. This loop outlines the purchasing process for TikTok users, which encompasses discovery, consideration, review and participation.

This TikTok business strategy will shape how businesses market and sell through TikTok in the future.

Work with the Best

No matter your business or service, quality is key when it comes to TikTok marketing. Think authentic, engaging and short videos that reflect the essence of your brand.

Here at Agency Stack, we pride ourselves on understanding the nuances of social media marketing and making businesses soar.

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