The Evolution of Social Media Marketing, Pt 1: Instagram


If you got into the social media game 10 years ago and have slept under a rock ever since, prepare to have your marketing mind blown.

The days of organic success using static tiles are over and the omnipresent, ever-changing algorithms have begun to declare that “interaction – not content – is king.”

If your brand is in the business of moving products online, there’s no denying the necessity of social media.

Some people who aren’t naturally attuned to the ebbs and flows of Facebook or the intricacies of Instagram might feel out of their depth in this area.

In this case, there’s always the option of partnering with a white label digital marketing company and having them do the work for you. You could outsource copywriting and design work to the experts and watch them create curated content for your brand.

Alternatively, Agency Stack has compiled a series of blogs to discuss how this evolving world is affecting everyone’s marketing endeavours.

Starting with Instagram, allow us to catch you up on the latest developments in the wild world of White Label Social Media Marketing.

Instagram Has Changed

Like we said, the old world of cat memes and blatant sales posts just won’t cut it anymore.

Those sneaky algorithm-ers have figured us all out and have come to understand what makes the average user tick.

On the one hand, this is good because brands can be assured that their most passionate prospects will see their content and there are some vague guidelines on how to keep them around.

On the other hand, if brands don’t do the right things and their content is sub-par, it’s more than likely that their content will never be viewed by those who matter.

How to Have Impact on Instagram

We know what you’re thinking: include a CTA; post consistently; and use the right hashtags. You’ve heard it all before, right?

Well, there’s actually far more to Instagram success than many people realise.

A trend towards prioritising reels began to appear on the platform in 2022 and this is expected to accelerate in the coming years.

In line with the rise of TikTok, Instagram has recognised users’ desire for eye-catching, video content that puts entertainment before sales.

More importantly, posts that receive the most interaction are more likely to appear on explore pages and atop followers’ homepages.

We’re talking likes, comments, saves, shares and page follows, while avoiding post hides, blocks and unfollows.

That’s right, simply posting average content often won’t do it. Where content used to be king, interaction has replaced it on the social throne.

You might also be thinking: this all sounds a lot like another platform I’m trying to harness – TikTok.

You’d be right, Instagram seems to be following trends like everyone else and has conceded that TikTok’s concept is a winner.

The catch for Instagram creators and businesses, however, is that recycled TikTok content won’t work for Instagram.

The algorithms are learning, you see. TikTok watermarks on Instagram are an instant no-no, along with low-resolution or poorly sized videos.

If you pull these tricks on the algorithm, you’re sure to get bitten and waste precious time creating content that no one will ever see.

So, be original, create content curated for each platform, and prioritise interaction. It’s simple, really…

Influencer Market is Becoming Saturated

While we’re on the subject of TikTok, let’s talk about influencers.

These savvy entrepreneurs have been making a living off of free samples and shameless plugs for a few years now. So much so that a study from 2019 found that 17% of kids aged 11-16 chose social media influencer as their dream job – second only to doctor at 18%.

This has led to roughly 50 million professional influencers dominating our digital airwaves across every platform and across many industries worldwide.

Our prediction? The influencer market is nearing saturation and it won’t be long before their influence is overtaken by user-generated content.

It may not be this year, it may not be next year, but a degree of caution will be required to prepare for the decline in value that such saturation will bring.

As for the influencers themselves, it may be time to dig up that Commerce degree.

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