The Benefits of Blogs for Business


When surfing the web, chances are you’ve encountered a blog – maybe you’ve even had a go writing one yourself. 

There’s currently hundreds of millions of blogs available on the internet – covering all manner of subjects from experts and laypeople. 

Each of these posts took an average of 3.5 hours to write and average more than 1200 words. 

You may be wondering what the point of adding one more coin into the fountain is – no one’s going to notice it anyway, right?

Well, the benefits of blogging may be far greater for your business than you might think. But if after reading through this blog, you find yourself too time-poor to pen your own post, you can always outsource copywriters from Agency Stack to do the work for you.

Google Reads Everything

Even if your greatest fears are true and no one reads your blog, Google will always read your hard work. 

By frequently blogging and updating your website’s content, search engine crawlers recognise your website as up-to-date, useful and, above all, trustworthy.

This will improve your SEO ranking and help your website to appear higher up on search engine results pages. This is important because, as any chronic Googler will tell you, no one looks past the first page.

Increase Web Traffic

Once Google trusts your website, your schedule is full of blog posting, and your site is topping the charts, you’ll be sure to notice an increase in traffic on your website. 

You should always slip the odd call-to-action into your posts, but if you haven’t, now is certainly the time to begin. 

Take advantage of your traffic and funnel those potential customers towards something of value for your business. This could be sales, social follows, email subscriptions, or a host of other metrics. 

Quality blogging will also increase trust in your brand as a source of truth and overall helpfulness. So if you’re in the business of building a loyal audience – what business isn’t? – then blogging is surely for you.

Shareable Social Media Content

People don’t only happen upon blogs with a quick Google search. These days, social media is your best bet to get your blogs in the eyes of your audience.

Think about it: your social media followers are essentially a (hopefully) long list of willing consumers, all with an interest in your brand and frequent exposure to your content. 

By putting time into a blog every week or so, you’re killing two birds with one stone and creating shareable social content that will then increase your followers.

With frequent posting to your website and your social accounts, both are sure to increase those metrics we discussed earlier.

Need a Helping Hand?

It’s all well and good to understand the benefits of blogs for your business, but it’s another to actually have the time to achieve them. 

If your workload is already brimming and your team doesn’t have the capacity to produce quality blogs, share your overflow content with Agency Stack. 

Our team of copywriters has years of experience producing hundreds of blogs on all kinds of industries. 

Give them a challenge and sit back to enjoy the increase in sales, subscribers and conversions that blogs can bring.


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