The Amazing Benefits of Pay-Per-Click Marketing


As an industry leader in white label digital marketing and web development services, at Agency Stack, we make it our business to find and harness every tool at our disposal in the rapidly evolving digital marketplace. When it comes to cost-effective, highly targeted, easily measurable advertising that increases website traffic and boosts sales, few tools perform quite like Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing.

What is PPC?

PPC marketing is an advertising model in which the advertiser pays each time someone clicks on their advertisement, hence the term, pay per click. You will have seen the ads that pop up at the top and bottom of search engines, they are clearly marked with the word ‘Ad’ written beside them in bold.

These ads appear to specific internet users based on the inclusion of keywords in the search term, which the advertisers need to bid on. For example, if an advertiser is selling reusable coffee cups, they might bid on the keywords “reusable cup” or “glass coffee cup.” The winning bidder will gain the advantage of having their ad displayed prominently alongside the search results.

In addition to keywords, PPC marketing uses a number of other variables related to the users’ online behaviour to determine who will see a particular ad.

The Benefits of PPC

Targeted Advertising

One major benefit of PPC is that it allows you to select the audience you advertise to with impressive specificity. You can choose for your ads to appear to specific individuals based on factors like their browsing or purchase history, interests, geographic location, and language, ensuring your ads are displayed to the users to whom they are most relevant. In fact, Google have a choice of nine different audience targeting options within their ad platform. From affinity audiences, where you can target people based on their lifestyles, hobbies and interests, through to targeting specific life events like getting engaged or buying a new house.

Cost Effective 

Something else that makes PPC extremely popular with budget-conscious advertisers is that advertisers only get charged when their ad is actually clicked on. This means you are paying for results, which makes it easier to manage costs and calculate your ROI, as opposed to a television commercial or billboard, where you pay a flat fee for advertising real estate regardless of whether or not anyone actually takes notice of it.

Easy to Track and Measure

PPC can be easily measured and tracked through the Google Ads and Google Analytics tools. These tools let you see just how well your ads are performing in real time and present a picture of how users are engaging with them. Based on this data, your ads can then be further tweaked and customised to capitalise on emerging trends. At any given time, you can choose to invest more if your ad is performing well, pull back if it’s not achieving what you’d hoped, or modify the parameters that dictate when your ads are displayed and to whom.

Fast Turnaround 

Another big selling point for PPC is that you will start seeing the impact of your advertisements virtually instantly. While it can take weeks or months to build momentum with other forms of online advertising, like organic search engine optimisation, PPC will start giving you results within minutes.

PPC helps you capture your potential customers at the right time and is essential for discovering opportunities for online growth. At Agency Stack, PPC is one of the central pillars of what we do, and in our opinion, it is well worth considering for any business that is serious about developing a digital marketing strategy with tangible results. To find out more about Agency Stack’s PPC services, contact us here.

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