Signs Your Marketing Account Manager Cares


There may come a time when your marketing agency hits capacity, or you’re faced with a client that needs services outside your offering. At this point, you may decide that in order to grow further you’ll need to partner with a white label digital marketing agency, such as Agency Stack.

But one of the common concerns that we hear from new clients is in relation to account management. Of course, these concerns are quickly quashed, as we explain that Agency Stack can devote a single account manager to each client. With this system in place, account managers are able to provide proactive results, be a reliable single port of call, and assure a consistent understanding of your campaign.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the vital difference that a dedicated account manager can make. Then, if you’re left with any lingering questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Agency Stack to learn more.

Provides Proactive Results

In 2019, a Gartner survey found that 88% of account managers agreed that servicing accounts above and beyond customers’ expectations was the surest path to growth. 

But only by devoting an account manager to each client can they go above and beyond, and this can come in many forms. 

An account manager who is truly dedicated to their clients will display this passion in their actions more than their words. They’ll be in your inbox with monthly results before you even know you need them, and the takeaways from these results will benefit you going forward. 

A marketing campaign is all about strategy, so a good account manager will liaise with their creative and sales teams to develop ideas for you before each meeting. This will save precious meeting time and remove the need for you to consider strategies in your spare time, letting you get on with business. 

When you share your clients with a white label digital marketing agency, you want to know they’re in good hands, and it’s up to a competent account manager to prove their worth. 

Communication Is Key

One way account managers can prove their worth is by keeping in touch and ensuring you’re in the loop with any important developments. 

It’s important for you to set your expectations here as account managers don’t want to be too pushy and become more of a hindrance. If you want weekly updates or content submissions, make this known and the ball will be in their court to make it happen. 

Once these standards have been made clear, a dedicated account manager will become your new best friend – keeping you up to date and making sure you’re not caught napping yourself. 

Everyone can get a little behind on their work, especially when you’re running your own agency. So, account managers will keep you on the ball and chase you with patience and persistence to ensure your accounts don’t fall behind. 

If it ever feels like they’re nagging, it’s probably because they care!

One Port of Call

Possibly one of the best parts of having a dedicated account manager is that you can rely on a single source of truth who knows all the intricate details about you and your client. 

You’re never wondering who to contact with a question, or micromanaging various services like copy or design. A well-versed account manager will have all of these ducks in a row for you, and will loop in their colleagues if required. 

Another plus that comes with a single account manager is that you won’t be tossed between people who need to realign those ducks. Once you’re acquainted with someone, you’re locked in for the duration of the campaign and things can run far more smoothly without unnecessary handovers. 

As each account manager will have their own idiosyncrasies and processes, this removes the need for you to re-learn one’s order of business. Leaving more time for productivity rather than procrastination. 

Interested in the Brand and Success

Most agencies will incentivise their account managers to achieve good results from their clients, so by devoting a single person to each account, you’re assured someone who is passionate and driven to succeed.

No one wants to work with someone who’s just going through the motions because they won’t be going above and beyond – nowhere near it! Without putting in that extra 1%, that pathway to growth is diminished and the resources pumped into your campaign may fall flat. This just won’t do!

Once a devoted account manager gets to know your standards, goals and incentives, it will be hard for them not to fall in love with the idea of success. You’d be surprised how passionate a good account manager can become about a client they have no personal connection to. 

But that’s just the power of a dedicated marketing partner. Passion, devotion, results. 

How Do You Stack Up?

If this ideal account manager sounds like just the tonic for your growing agency, get in touch with Agency Stack to learn more! We’re a premier digital marketing partner that’s ready to take your business to the next level. 

We specialise in copy, design, SEO, social media, paid ads, email marketing, and of course, account management!

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