Should You Outsource Copywriters?


What’s a content marketing campaign without the content? Pretty useless, right? But not all marketing agencies are lucky enough to have copywriters on their books as they focus on their own niche like social media, web design or SEO. 

If your agency isn’t in the position to welcome a couple of copywriters, you might feel at a loss for how to deliver the next brilliant campaign that your team has dreamt up. 

You speak your client’s language, but when it comes to putting fingers to keyboard, the words just don’t flow as you’d like them to. 

Luckily, there is an answer – outsourced copywriters.

There’s any number of reasons to hand your copy over to the experts, least of which is their ability to write. 

Check out our reasoning below and then let us know if you have any lingering questions. Agency Stack is always happy to help with your content marketing queries, and we love to watch our partners prosper!

Save Yourself Time

Like we said, the process to plan, implement and analyse an effective marketing campaign is a significant undertaking. At Agency Stack, we respect some hustle, but there’s plenty of agency’s out there who aren’t quite ready to add copywriting onto their list of services. 

Put your plans in the hands of some expert copywriters and sleep easier knowing your product will be looking more professional in no time. 

But not only will your content look more professional, word-of-mouth about these copywriters’ grasp on clever quips and keyword research is sure to bring more customers through the door. 

All the Content, None of the Hiring

By approaching a marketing agency (like Agency Stack), you’re essentially adding a team of marketing professionals to your arsenal without going through the arduous process of hiring and training.

But just because outsourced staff is kept at arm’s reach, doesn’t mean there has to be a disconnect between your own team and these new recruits. To get the best from outsourced staff, make sure to keep a good amount of contact and understanding with them. If they’re on the same page, the end product will benefit immensely. 

An Outside Perspective

It’s up to you how much influence you want outsourced staff to have on your overall campaigns. The final product will have your agency’s name on it, of course, and it will be going to your clients. If you’d prefer these outsourcers to keep to the shadows, they should be happy to oblige – they know their role – but they’ll also be happy to give their two cents when asked. 

This third-party perspective can be invaluable, especially when dealing with a long-standing client or campaign that has grown stale. Even the simplest idea from outside your company could be the spark you need to rejuvenate a campaign, and that’s where they really add some value. 

No Shame in Outsourcing

While there is some sort of stigma around outsourcing, we shrug this off at Agency Stack and embrace the benefits it can bring.

More time, better quality content, and a fresh perspective – where’s the shame in that?

Agency Stack has grown to provide an array of digital marketing services as a premier white label marketing agency, and we’re keen to continue partnering with like minded marketers.  If you need to know more about outsourced copywriters, get in contact with Agency Stack and give your marketing agency a boost.

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