Q&A: LinkedIn Business Manager


Professional social media platform, LinkedIn, has recently made life easier for us agencies and we’re here to explain how. 

The platform has long been used by businesses to establish their brand in the professional landscape. It has offered personal and professional pages and profiles, ad accounts, and targeted marketing options. 

Now, the introduction of LinkedIn Business Manager (LBM) will streamline marketing management for large companies and agencies alike. 

As a white label digital marketing agency, Agency Stack are stoked with this news and can’t wait to improve the process for our clients and their clients in turn. 

So for those unacquainted with LBM, we’ve compiled a little Q&A to put you in the know.

If you need to know any more, get in touch with us and see how we can support your agency in all things digital marketing.

What Does LinkedIn Business Manager Do?

In her own article, LinkedIn VP for Product Management, Gyanda Sachdeva, discussed the motive behind the new development.

“We built Business Manager with you, our B2B customers, in mind to help you maximise efficiencies, so you can create and execute engaging campaigns that cut through a crowded market with no added cost,” Sachdeva said.

To achieve this, LBM combines ad accounts, pages, and audiences together in one simple dashboard.

As an agency with many clients, you can now add and remove people and businesses from an account, saving you time on admin and security.

LBM also allows you to transfer matched audiences across ad accounts, with any changes reflected across these audiences. This can be especially helpful when managing a single client with multiple pages for multiple locations.

It’s Only A Beta Version, Can I Trust It?

Yes, LinkedIn has tried-and-tested this version of LBM extensively and was confident enough to create a public Beta version. If anything, this gives us more confidence in their software that they trust it enough to release an unfinished version. 

The software has been tested by customers such as GroupM Canada, Merkle B2B, VMware, and Xero, according to Sachdeva, who all reported seeing immediate value from the platform. 

The final version of LBM will likely only require slight design tweaks which shouldn’t have any effect on early adopters.

How Does LBM Keep Things Collaborative with My Clients?

LBM makes it easy to share access between agencies and clients so that both parties can understand the state of a given campaign. 

Agencies can share ad accounts with their clients and give full visibility of how a campaign is running, while clients can also easily share page access with agencies and allow content to be posted on their behalf. 

Clients can also enjoy full visibility of their targeted audiences and suggest changes based on how their consumer base is evolving.

What Do I Do With All This Extra Time On My Hands?

Run your business! LinkedIn Business Manager takes all kinds of admin off your plate and makes just one of the many social media platforms that much easier to manage. 

Your clients will thank you for taking the initiative to improve their lives and your business will run more smoothly as a result. 

If any questions remain unanswered, get in touch with Agency Stack and together we can discuss the power of effective social media marketing. 

Our full-scale digital marketing team has the expertise to answer all of your questions, they’re just a phone call away!

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