Outsourcing Your Marketing? You’re Not Alone


The pandemic caused a multitude of issues for industries, resulting in what we are calling The Great Resignation. This mass job loss sparked the need for outsourcing, which for marketing, was a blessing. Seeing a rise in the need to outsource marketing from brands and companies all over Australia, these brands understood that outsourcing would save them money and time. Stretching departments thin and causing reshuffles all round, the need for white label social media management and all kinds of marketing has never been more relevant.

Many agencies had never outsourced their marketing or at least not to the degree that was needed due to the pandemic. The drive for virtual CMO and the dramatic evolution was evident by brands realising their PR and marketing requirements didn’t need to be met in house. Making more sense to outsource these needs rather than scrape the bottom of the barrel in house, brands realised experts would deliver them quality content and results instead of filling the gaps with new employees. So what’s driving this change so heavily? 

Client Needs

At the forefront of needs for outsourcing, clients want quick and quality content. This often can’t be met by brands in house and the companies that don’t deliver often fall by the wayside. Outsourcing is a sure way to deliver results.  

With everything being virtual these days, the customer experience needs to be entirely digital, especially in B2B. Millennials count for 60% of all B2B buyers. These millenials and the following generations need everything to be online and prefer customer experiences with no IRL interactions. 

This need for a virtual world means brands need to keep up and their marketing and online content needs to be golden. The only way to ensure this, is to outsource their marketing to a team of skilled experts. 

Millennials aren’t afraid of asking for and getting what they want in life. This mindset translates in their need to walk away from jobs that aren’t fulfilling them or giving them experience or growth in a satisfying manner. This also translates into how they approach the virtual world and how they view marketing. 

Branding Over Lead Generation

Marketing has always been important and brands are only just starting to realise it. The level your marketing needs to be at is at an all time high. This is due to the demand for quality content from the consumer. People have high expectations when buying a product or service and with oceans of competition, a brand’s marketing needs to be on point. 

With the pandemic to blame, or credit, depending on how you look at it, companies started to put more money into their branding, seeing the value it holds. Using more of their budget in marketing rather than in lead generation, brands are understanding that selling the brand through CMO services creates lead generation in the long run. Lead generation is good for short-term conversions, whereas brand marketing provides long term brand equity. Brands are seeing that marketing is a much better investment than blowing money on day-to-day attempts at gaining customers. 

When brands focus all their attention on not investing in things that are important like marketing and CMO services, their company fails due to lack of engagement and growth. The brands that invest and focus on the need for marketing, are the ones that thrive. 


The increased demand for virtual CMO services were evident due to the pandemic and those that don’t jump on board with the virtual world will fail. Needing to outsource experts is crucial for gaining dynamic and successful content. This Great Resignation sparked a lot of change in how we operate in the workforce, are you utilising these opportunities? 

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