One Week On: should your agency consider Threads?


It took just five days for Meta’s new social media platform and direct Twitter competitor, Threads, to reach 100 million users. This comes in comparison to the 100,000 users Twitter gained in its first week back in 2010.

So, is Threads the “Twitter killer” that mainstream media and basically every person on the street expects it to be? As white label social media experts, the Agency Stack team has made it our job to answer this question.

Some figures to consider

We have to consider that far fewer people were using social media back in 2010, not to mention that Twitter was a great unknown for early adopters. So 100,000 users in its first week was still mighty impressive.

Also, Meta used the omniscient power of Instagram and its existing 1.3 billion users to garner attention and early Threads adopters, giving it a major leg up.

However, another advantage for Threads has been the slowly crumbling form of Twitter, after 13 years at the forefront of social media.

Only days before Threads’ release, Twitter CEO Elon Musk announced they would place a cap on the number of posts users could view in a day – 600 for non-Twitter Blue subscribers, and 6,000 for subscribers. This limit was later raised to 1,000 and 10,000, respectively, as a result of users’ general downvote for the cap.

But the damage had already been done, as users flocked from the old to the new and Threads’ momentum was relatively unstoppable.

How long this momentum will be maintained is still difficult to determine, but the platform sure presents an opportunity for advertisers.

Opportunities for advertisers

At present, in July 2023, Threads remains a wholesome place for those 100 million “early” adopters to mingle and chat fervently in the new global town hall. This was the idea behind Twitter when it was created and such a community flourished for years after.

Relatively quickly, however, advertising content crept into the platform and brands discovered ways to remain relatable, relevant and profitable in their advertising efforts.

For the moment, Threads remains pre-advertising saturation and pro-wholesome hand holding. This is a place where brands can use their existing Instagram following to start and enter conversations organically. Advertising opportunities will inevitably become a part of the platform, but for now it’s all about connecting with your customers on a fun-loving level.

Brands that don’t take themselves too seriously are sure to do themselves the most favours.

How to connect with customers

Last year, we published a few blogs on the importance of humanising a brand to gain customers’ trust. (Find them here! Or here!) The advice contained within is as relevant now as it was back then – people need to trust a brand before they convert.

Luckily, Threads has entered the chat and brands have been given a free pass to show their customers how fun, quirky and relatable they can be (see below).

We love cross-brand interactions!









Sustainable toilet paper brand, Who Gives A Crap, talking absolute… well.

And Sony has gone a bit unhinged but we love them for it.








As you can see by the number of interactions these posts received in mere hours and days, brands that have some fun and acknowledge their naivety to this new platform have the best chance to grow with their audience.

That is, until Threads unleashes paid advertising and then we’ll get back to you with another blog…

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