In House vs Freelance Copy? The Pros & Cons For Everyone Involved


A number of businesses will find themselves in survival mode due to lack of resources, when trying to grow and scale. This isn’t viable. However, businesses need digital marketing campaigns executed in the best way possible to keep on running and growing. A  dedicated in-house team can help you achieve this but it comes at a price. This is where freelance services come in handy.

Everything has its pros and cons. When we talk about copywriting services, whether they are in-house or freelance, both have advantages and disadvantages. We’re breaking down both sides to each so you can decide what’s best for your business. It is necessary to note that various businesses have different requirements, some businesses would find it suitable to have an in-house copywriter while others would like to hire a freelance copywriter or consult an agency to hire a freelance or in-house copywriter.


Freelance Copywriters:

There are a variety of advantages of hiring a freelance copywriter or agency that can outsource for you. 


  • Freelance copywriters tend to be cost-effective. The reason behind their cost-effectiveness is on-demand services and pay according to work. 
  • Freelance copywriting services could be scaled up according to requirements, you can scale a lot easier and quicker without having to go through a full timely and expensive hiring process.
  • If you select an on-demand services platform to hire freelance writers you have access to a huge variety of skills and writing styles. This is perfect for specific detailed projects
  • With freelance outsource copywriting services, you can change your writer according to your needs and required style. You can get a number of freelance writers who can fulfil your changed writing style needs at any time, so it is future-proof as well. 


  • A freelance writer might face problems while writing highly specific content about your services or products compared to someone in the business with first hand knowledge.
  • You might have to go through a number of revisions with a freelance copywriter, this can take up time. 
  • Urgent tasks may be harder to turn around with an outsourced freelancer. 


In-house Copywriter:

If you have the financial stability to hire an in house member there are plenty of rewards. This decision isn’t always right for everyone so consider the below reasons before making your decision. 


  • You can get highly specific content written from in-house copywriter according to your domain and products.
  • They are well adapted to the writing style used for the content required for your business.
  • It is easy to track the progress and productivity of a project when in-house writers are on work. 
  • You can get content on an urgent basis from in-house writers because the working schedule is similar and you need to invest any extra time for revisions or modifications if needed. 


  • You have to pay in-house writers on a regular basis whether you need their services or not.
  • The hiring process costs time and money.
  • You might face difficulty while looking for diversity in the content with an in-house copywriter.
  • If you need more content you might face scalability issues as well.

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