How to Sell SEO Services



Whether you’re starting a new business or expanding an existing enterprise, Agency Stack exists to scale with you, adding the services your clients need to succeed.

Most often, search engine optimisation (SEO) is the first thing that our clients need as their own clients enter the digital marketing space.

It’s all the rage, it’s technical and it’s value is relatively easy to demonstrate if you know what you’re talking about – SEO ticks all of the boxes.

Now, do you know what you’re talking about? If not, you’re in luck – Agency Stack’s digital team has the insight and understanding to clearly explain the importance of SEO in any digital marketing strategy. It’s this expertise which underscores our white label website maintenance services and puts your clients on the map.

If this blog isn’t enough to give you the confidence you need in selling SEO services to your clients, get in touch and our team will happily expand on the process.

Understand Your Client

At Agency Stack, we enable you to confidently recommend the right mix of services knowing that they’ll deliver on your client’s expectations. To achieve this, our recommendations start from the ground up with a deep understanding of your client, their business, their customers and the things that separate them from their competition.

What is it about your client that would make their prospects choose them over a competitor? What are the promises that they make to customers and how do they deliver on them?

Consider industry trends as well as the pitfalls endemic to a client’s industry and how they overcome them. The promises your client makes to their audience form the basis of their brand positioning. With that positioning as the foundation, you can make recommendations on the best way to get that message in front of as many prospects as possible.

With such an understanding, you can then expand into the world of SEO with content that not only uses keywords but hits the pain points of a given audience.

It’s always important to remember that SEO is as much about pleasing search engines as it is about satisfying real people.

Research Your Client’s Competition

Consider all-comers when it comes to competition – those above, below and in direct competition with your client.

Some things to consider with regard to competitors are what channels they are active on and what they’re saying, and how your client can position themselves in the same space whilst claiming points of difference that make them the better choice.

In regard to keywords and SEO, you will want to target unique phrases that set your client apart. If you target keywords with too much competition, your voice will be lost in the void and the high cost of these competitive keywords actually loses its return on investment (ROI).

Find the sweet middle ground between competitiveness and relevance. This spot will yield the best results for your client and make you look like the experts you are.

Assess Your Client’s Goals and Define Success

This may seem obvious but remember that your client’s goals are the most important thing. Ultimately, this will be the yardstick by which they measure your success and therefore their satisfaction with the services you provide.

Setting realistic client expectations of achievable results within their budget is the most valuable thing you can give a client. Transparency around this will put you in a much better position than overpromising and under-delivering.

If they want your SEO services to translate into a 10% increase in sales, then shake hands and understand exactly what this looks like. Will you achieve this with a focus on engaging blog content and a new website design? Perhaps you’ll bolster the campaign with some paid Google ads and reinforce the campaign with strong keyword research.

If we’re honest, it will likely take a mix of all these tactics, but the mix will depend on your client’s individual needs.

Once you have all the knowledge you can hope to absorb about your client, the time has come to build the roadmap for their success. Documenting this upfront means no unpleasant surprises for your client. It also protects you from the inevitable miscommunication that can result from a lack of process around the services you offer.

Contact Agency Stack

It’s important to recognise that all of these steps complement each other and should be approached as a whole process. By following all of these essential considerations, you’ll hopefully be able to gain a greater understanding of your clients. If you’re still struggling to understand how a client is positioned in the market, as well as what products and/or services they offer, what their competition looks like, and who their customers are, get in touch with Agency Stack. Our team has seen it all before and looks forward to uplifting your business to uplift others. For SEO, web development, copywriting, design, account management and more, we’ll fill the gaps in your agency’s capabilities.

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