How to Save Time as a Marketing Manager


This is not a blog about becoming more productive. If you want to cram an unsustainable number of tasks into your day at the expense of quality, so be it, but this is not for you. 

The point of saving time is that you can spend it on things that really matter. 

In marketing terms, this might be your client relations or meeting with new prospects. With time in your day for these tasks, you’ll be able to watch your business grow 

At Agency Stack, we offer white label website maintenance, SEO, PPC, copywriting, design, and even account management. This frees up your team to do what they do best – whatever that may be!

But if partnering with a white label agency isn’t on your radar, there are a few other alternatives that could work for you too. 

Reassess Your Systems

This realm is where you spend the bulk of your time and therefore the one with the most time to be saved.

By “systems,” we’re talking about the programs in place to keep your team organised – your project management system (PMS) and client relationship management (CRM) software are prime examples. 

If you can’t identify your version of these tools then it’s certainly time that you did so. 

Popular examples include Salesforce, Zendesk, ClickUp, Trello, or our personal favourite, ActiveCollab

These kinds of systems allow your team to consolidate tasks into more digestible means, collaborate with ease, and gain a clear overview of larger projects. 

Instead of flicking through multiple programs or your notes app, invest in a PMS and CRM that suits your business needs. 

Deeper into your day-to-day processes and systems, take a second to organise things like passwords, contact details, and document folders. 

Only once you’ve organised these elements will you realise how much time was previously wasted searching, resetting, and digging around for them.

Automate Your Day

There’s no shame in letting the robots do some of the work. 

In fact, the Influencer Marketing Hub found that 61.4% of marketers had integrated some form of artificial intelligence (AI) into their operations.

This could be for anything from scheduling emails, to analysing user data or developing blog concepts. 

Anything that can cut valuable minutes from your to-do list will leave you to devote more attention to tasks that AI programs cannot complete as effectively as a human can. 

For example, meeting clients face-to-face, nurturing relationships, delivering creative assets, or tailoring a campaign strategy are all best left to the experts like yourself.

White Label Your Weaknesses

Look, we said we wouldn’t say it, but it would be irresponsible to omit this very simple time-saver. 

Plus, you know… look at us!

Handing your agency’s overflow work to a white label agency like Agency Stack could be just the ticket to a more capable business – one that can scale at pace while you remain in control.

A team that’s stretched beyond its limits is one that won’t produce the kind of content your clients desire. 

Instead of having your SEO team write sub-par copy, hand that hard stuff to a third-party who specialises in such tasks and allow your team to go to work.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, get in touch with Agency Stack and allow us to do what we do best, while you do the same!

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