How to Measure SEO Performance


The key to a successful online brand is having strong search engine optimisation (SEO). When used correctly, SEO can improve your website’s visibility and make your brand stand out from your competitors.

Measuring your SEO is important for securing your brand’s success. It allows you to understand how you can make improvements so your website can be viewed by a large audience. 

As a white label digital marketing agency, Agency Stack is experienced in ensuring fellow agencies understand the nuances to measuring SEO. 

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Set Clear Goals

Establishing a specific and clear end goal is a crucial first step for measuring your SEO. As a starting point, consider the goals of your website or what your client might need. Having a goal or two for your SEO performance helps guide your performance reporting direction and gives it purpose.

When you think about your SEO goal, ensure that it’s a measurable achievement and specific to your brand. According to the Huffington Post, writing down and sharing your goals with others can increase your chances of achieving them. It also holds you accountable for following through and working towards your goal. 

Some examples of your website goals could be to increase sales, conversions, email subscriptions, or simply to bump up your web traffic. 

Use Tools Like Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the go-to SEO tracking tool in the market. This straightforward and easy-to-use program can help you understand and enhance your SEO.

One of Google Analytics’ prime features is online tracking. This feature enables you to understand how a user found their way to your website. The detailed report outlines the number of total users who flocked to your website, the number of new users and the total number of sessions they had. 

You can also track offline-to-online marketing campaigns. Successful businesses should understand how an offline campaign influences online consumer behaviour. Google Analytics allows you to import customer relationship management tools to help you paint a bigger picture of how well your offline leads pay off.

This resourceful tool helps you understand how users and visitors behave on your website. Google Analytics tracks bounce and exit rates, your top webpages and their performances, as well as overall behaviour flows.

With multiple plans available, Google Analytics is an excellent investment for anyone who wants to strengthen their SEO and elevate their website to the next level.

Analyse Traffic Behaviour

Studying the traffic behaviour of your website enables you to learn more about who uses your website and why they may or may not stick around. For example, if mobile users leave your website when they get to a certain page, there might be something wrong with that page on phones. 

Analysing your traffic behaviour gives you insight about why users do certain things on your website. It can also help you work out how to reduce your website’s bounce rate – when a user visits your website but leaves before going to other pages. Studying your bounce rate can give you further understanding about the user experience.

You can also study the scroll depth of your webpage and learn how to improve the flow of content on your website. For instance, are your users stopping before they get to important content? In this case, you might need to rethink how you present your online content.

Investigate Your Keyword Performance

Keywords are the words and phrases people use to find content online, and require thorough research to be effective. As part of measuring your SEO performance, you should investigate how well your keywords are performing against your competitors.  

You can investigate your keyword rankings by using programs such as Semrush or Google Analytics to generate reports that show how your keywords compete against other websites. You can also google your keywords – if your website shows up on the first page, then you know you’re using your keywords correctly. But if a keyword isn’t ranking on search engine results pages, you may need to rethink your keywords.

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