How to Maximise Your Email Marketing


As a standalone marketing channel, email marketing may be neither here nor there. You may slowly grow your subscriber base over years of persistence, or you can maintain the same loyal customers to return every so often.

In either case, you are likely to be left wondering how you can speed things up and reap the rewards that many other businesses seem to gain from email marketing.

The trick is to combine this reliable channel with others like social media, pay-per-click (PPC), and competent website design.

At Agency Stack, our white label PPC services have helped many clients to increase their email subscribers in a relatively short period, helping them to achieve their underlying marketing goals. These often include goals such as increased website sales, more individual customers per month, or improved brand engagement.

If you need another avenue to achieve your goals, this blog hopes to pair your email marketing with a world of omnichannel success.

Email Meets PPC

As is the case with the beginning of any new marketing campaign, brands should expect to incur some initial outlay in order to gain momentum.

As the website is generally the place to subscribe to an email list, you’ll need to grow your web traffic first.

This can be achieved with PPC ads that entice people who are already on the lookout for a business like yours.

Take your favourite trendy retail store: they know that various sources (like Litmus and the DMA) agree the return on investment for email marketing is between $35 and $40 to the dollar. To harness this value, they offer their own value to email subscribers with a 10% discount on their first purchase.

The problem is, they’re lacking the web traffic for any email subscribers to make a dent in their revenue.

After a consultation with Agency Stack, they decide to run a PPC ad on Google that targets users searching for “men’s black tshirt” and “women’s leggings Melbourne”. Prior marketing research had shown that these were popular products and Agency Stack helped them to target appropriate keywords.

As users click through these PPC ads and find themselves on the website, they’re shown a well-designed subscription form with an image of the product mentioned in the target keyword.

This makes them more likely to subscribe and all of a sudden, email subscribers to your favourite trends retail store are through the roof.

All it takes is some initial investment in the broader campaign and the wheels are now in motion for bigger and better marketing goals.

The reason we opt for PPC over organic search engine results is because the former yields much higher click-through rates.

Plus, the average user who clicks through to your site from an ad is usually already interested in your product or service, making them the prime target for email subscriptions

Segment Your Lists

Once you’ve enticed people to subscribe to your value-packed email blasts, you’ll want to make good use of each one you send.

If you’re smart about how you collect people’s email addresses, you may also collect a bit more information on their buying habits, their demographics and their favourite products.

With this information, your email lists can be easily segmented and appropriate emails can be sent to each corresponding list for a more personalised experience.

Naturally, someone looking for “men’s black tshirts” isn’t going to open an email with a subject line talking about leggings. That’s the worst-case scenario you’re looking to avoid by using segmented, personalised email lists.

Analyse and Assess

The results of email marketing can only go so far if you fail to constantly review your results. There is no point in throwing countless emails out to your audience if they’re not opening or clicking through to your website. Take the time to keep an eye on what is receiving clicks and what is being ignored.

If you send an email with a low open rate, you might work out that the subject line and preview were below par as no one was enticed enough to click.

An effective email that triggers customers to take action usually has some key critical elements in their design.

Any must-click email should include an attention-seeking subject line, a compelling image, impactful and personalised email copy, and an appropriate call to action.

If you’re unsure of what works and don’t want to waste an email with a potentially flimsy subject line, you can test these elements in your PPC ads and analyse their performance.

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