How to Make Blogs Work for Your Clients


As a burgeoning agency, you’re probably well aware of the importance of blogs and even more so of their time consumption.

These personalised pieces of prose may be great SEO boosters, further heightening their importance to businesses, but they cost hours of time and money and are much harder to perfect than one may think

Think about it: a terrible blog can waste your time while a good one can send you away smiling with all the information you were chasing.

As a white label digital marketing agency, we recognise the importance of this front-end, client-facing content, as compared to the back-end services you might excel at.

As we see it, there’s no point in having a functional back-end if the content is crap!

But not only do you want the content to hit home, you need it to be consistent across weeks and months of a campaign. This way, you can really measure and report on the positive effect of frequent content creation for your clients. Or, you know, we could do all of that for you.

That’s right – when you outsource copywriters from Agency Stack, you’re not just getting a team who can string a sentence together. You’re also gaining the value of measurable results and the reasoning behind each post to relay to your clients.

You Get to Say “Yes”

First and foremost, the best way to make blogs work for your clients is by having the ability to give them what they want.

Of course, Agency Stack’s team will guide you and your client on best practice blog writing, but the client will also guide us.

Their industry expertise is an invaluable tool to understand what their audience wants to hear. All we have to do is put it in words that they can digest.

By saying “yes,” you’re afforded the ability to stop turning good clients away. Many businesses approach Agency Stack with the sole need for content writing and measurable reporting.

If they don’t find what they’re looking for, they’ll walk away – fair play to them.

Naturally, turning jobs away is the last thing we want you doing as we were founded with a passion for uplifting like-minded businesses.

That’s why our white label services are the perfect solution for agencies in need of ad hoc or long-term digital marketing services like blog writing. All we need from you are the clients! Just run and tell them that you’ve suddenly added blog writing into your service suite and watch how they flock.

Targeting an Audience

Our copywriters can adopt any tone of voice to accurately reflect your business, so you can feel proud to put your stamp on the results.

To give you a taste of what a white label agency can do for you, our team has compiled a list of their top five blog post styles.

We love to think outside of the box, but there are some tried-and-tested styles that simply work and we think every business should try them at least once.

1. The List

As humans, we are drawn to short, sharp concepts. For example, if we are attracted to a brand then we want to know about their top-selling products. We love articles that tell us “The Top 5 Holiday Destinations in Australia” and blogs that demonstrate “10 Ways to Wear This Best-selling Skirt”. Lists are memorable, easy to understand and easy to scroll through, which is why they make such great blog posts.

2. The Story

Great stories are engaging and hard to forget, which is why presenting your brand or product as a story is such a winning concept. Stories allow you to emotionally connect with your readers and build out your brand messaging and identity in detail. The best blog posts use stories to add value to any given brand or product, by making it more special to customers.

3. The Interview

Interviews represent a simple format that appeals to our natural sense of conversation. If you have someone behind the scenes who has the gift of the gab, why not let one of our copywriters interview them for some great blog content? We can also edit their responses to work better for your search engine rankings.

4. The Cheat Sheet

We’re all short on time these days, which is why customers want a cheat sheet for everything. A quick and easy guide to a product or service is invaluable to curious customers who want to assess the value of your business without receiving a “hard sell”. Cheat sheets indirectly tell someone what’s great about your product or service, without spelling it out.

5. The News Reader

If you’re dealing with an information-based business, having a regular news bulletin is a great way to show that you’re staying on top of industry developments. By presenting a recap of recent industry news and even expressing a unique take on it, you position your business as a leader in the field, which builds customer loyalty and trust.

To find out more about Agency Stack’s blog writing skills, get in touch with our sales team.

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