How is AI Affecting Digital Marketing?


If your agency hasn’t dived into the world of artificial intelligence (AI), you’re almost certainly missing out on untold time savings and on-demand ideation.

With skills in white label website maintenance, design, copywriting, SEO and more, Agency Stack can hardly afford to fall behind on this development.

AI is far more than a passing trend or a tech gimmick designed to create headlines. It is a powerful tool, the likes of which haven’t been reckoned with since the dawn of social media or the internet.

So, how exactly is the digital marketing sphere harnessing such power, and just how far can this thing push marketers towards redundancy?

Our Jobs Are Safe – For Now…

It’s true, there are all kinds of statistics suggesting that AI has infiltrated a majority of marketing teams, but not that people are being replaced.

Rather, AI has so far complemented the many tasks undertaken by marketing agencies worldwide.

When you outsource copywriting, for example, you can be sure the content returned won’t be completely written by a chatbot, but could instead be inspired by ideas churned out by one.

This is because the nuance and creativity afforded by human copywriters has something that chatbots don’t – personality.

While ChatGPT has become an expert at spitting out hard facts in a coherent and believable way, it lacks the ability to create compelling storylines with any subjective beauty.

You could think of ChatGPT as the objectivity to a copywriter’s subjectivity.

So, Why Invest So Heavily in a Fact Machine?

You may have heard about the billions of dollars being poured into AI by companies like Microsoft. More recently, Adobe’s former chief technology officer, Abhay Parasnis, has raised $65 million to fund his new platform, Typeface, which uses multiple AI servers to generate personalised marketing content.

This kind of traction from the world’s leading marketing minds suggests that AI holds a lot of weight in the future of marketing.

McKinsey & Company has simulated the future global uptake of AI and found that 70% of companies could be using AI by 2030.

But in what capacity will this be?

While we’ve established that creatives might be safe from an AI takeover, data analysis may not be so safe. As customers demand improved personalisation from their favourite brands, AI will be essential to collect user data and develop strategies to target individuals and demographics. With the power of machine learning, marketers will be able to hit these targets with greater accuracy than ever before.

That is, the content itself will remain human-made, but the strategy behind it and how it’s delivered will come thanks to the robots.

What’s Coke Up To?

In late February, 2023, American management and consulting business, Bain & Company, announced a global services alliance with OpenAI.

“With the alliance, Bain will combine its deep digital implementation capabilities and strategic expertise with OpenAI’s AI tools and platforms, including ChatGPT, to help its clients around the world identify and implement the value of AI to maximize business potential,” Bain & Company stated in a press release.

At the same time, it was announced that The Coca-Cola Company would become the first company to engage with the alliance.

“Coca-Cola’s vision for the adoption of OpenAI’s technology is the most ambitious we have seen of any consumer products company,” said OpenAI Head of Go-To-Market, Zack Kass.

This latest investment into AI has raised a lot of eyebrows and Coke’s use for AI has remained under wraps, but it’s clear from Kass’ assessment that big things are coming.

 AI for the Little Guy

You may be sitting there as the director of a small marketing agency wondering what Coke’s latest movements have to do with your business’s initial growth stages.

And while we can’t say that you’ll be rolling out virtual reality websites next month, these big business deals will have serious repercussions for the wider industry.

Today, on-demand blog topics. Tomorrow, on-demand content strategy and creation for a range of marketing platforms.

If you take anything away from this article, it’s that it will pay to stay up to date with the latest in AI for marketing.

If you’re feeling lost in the swathe of information about AI, get in touch with Agency Stack and we’ll get you back on track.

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