Handling Overflow Work: Recruit an Agency, Freelancer or New Hire?


As your to-do list stacks up and your agency’s workload threatens to overflow, it can be difficult deciding on your next move. 

You could commit to the process of hiring new staff, training them and fitting them onto the payroll, but that would hardly mitigate the bittersweet issue of new clients currently knocking on your door.

In the meantime, the real decision comes with how you go about outsourcing the immediate workload and give yourself some breathing space. 

As a white label digital marketing agency, this is a common narrative we identify in our clients. 

As the title suggests, you could go one of three ways as you manage the stress of being an in-demand growth agency – recruit an agency, freelancer or hire internally.

If you can spare a minute in your busy day, the rest of this blog should make your decisions just a little easier. 

Partner with an Agency

The biggest yet most effective commitment of the three, a competent agency will take everything off your plate if you say the word.

It will feel like a leap of faith at first, handing over login details and connecting your various communication platforms, but the rewards reaped are next level. 

For the cost of hiring one employee internally, your agency can take a load off its plate and receive professional content in return. 

Not all agencies will offer every digital marketing service, so you may need to shop around to find one who fills the right gaps.

That’s where Agency Stack sets itself apart, offering experts in eight different services from SEO to social media

If you don’t have time to manage clients yourself, preferring instead to run a more sales-focussed business, some agency’s will even offer account management on your behalf. (Yes, Agency Stack is guilty here again.)

Find a Freelancer

You get what you pay for. Some freelancers have made a full-time living out of their craft and can become permanent, reliable fixtures in your marketing arsenal. 

Others, however, can be flaky and produce low-quality work for a quick buck. 

It’s up to you how well you conduct your due diligence to ensure any freelance work is returned to your standards. 

The best factors of freelancers are they’re easy to access, short-term solutions, and their abundance makes it easy to find a rate that suits your business.

Just try searching for your desired service on websites like fiverr or Upwork. Alternatively, you can list job ads on sites like Seek, LinkedIn, or even Airtasker.

Hire Internally

We’ve listed this last because it is arguably the most difficult option of the three. However, if you have the time and money to invest in new talent, this could be a feasible path to grow your business.

Once you’ve committed to a few hours drafting job ads and a few more in interviews, you’ll have to train your lucky new employee. 

The best bit about hiring internally is each person represents another step towards your desired company culture. This has been a big priority for Agency Stack and we’ve seen the benefits of hiring for personality and training for skill. 

Hiring internally also removes any communication breakdowns which freelancers and agencies will do their best to remove.

So, Where Should Your Overflow Go?

Every agency is different and there’s certainly no correct answer to this question. 

Some won’t have the budget to hire internally while others will steer clear of the risk in freelance work. 

If you see an agency as your best bet to catch your overflow work, get in touch with Agency Stack and let’s chat about how we can help.

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