Dissecting the Killer Pitch


The who, why, what, how and when of pitching successfully

Unlike standard white label agencies offering SEO and content writing services, Agency Stack is committed to helping our partners grow their businesses. Where better to start than with tips on how to deliver a killer pitch?

So, how do you make sure that you hit all the notes to ensure that your pitch resonates with your prospect? Follow the steps below and you’ll be well on your way.

Step 1 – Establish Credibility & Passion: The Who

The pitch is your opportunity to reinforce the things that your agency stands for and what you’re passionate about. Tying this passion to the key concerns driving your client’s decision-making process is a fantastic way to establish a rapport and solidify you in their minds as the right fit for their company.

A true pitch enthusiast can demonstrate this passion by peppering their presentation with points of interest that help bring the story to life. These anecdotal elements work to highlight your messaging and establish touchpoints throughout your pitch that can be remembered when your prospect is reviewing your offer.

Whilst your passion will capture your prospect’s imagination, it is proof of your capabilities that will assure them that your agency is The Who they are looking for.

Your credibility will be evidenced in your professional experience and specialist knowledge and expertise. Case studies and instances of positive outcomes for companies similar to your prospect can be of additional support for your presentation.

Step 2 – Identify the Problem: The Why

Referring to issues encountered by your prospect is a good way to indicate that you understand their business.

Making space for this dialogue within your pitch plays a substantial part in establishing “Why” your client should conduct business with your company.

Asking questions that elicit a “yes” response from your prospect will lay the foundations for positive agreement between both parties.

Step 3 – Present the solution: The What

The What is the combination of services and/or products you will propose to achieve your prospect’s desired result.

Although your client must understand the solution you’re proposing, they will more likely be focussing on the outcomes rather than the intricacies of PPC bidding management or Advanced SEO techniques.

Take time to read your audience and offer your client opportunities to ask questions or contribute their insights and knowledge.

Step 4 – Your implementation plan: The How

Although you can explain “How” you plan on fulfilling your prospect’s requirements, a pitch is not the place to go into excruciating detail.

Applying the KISS principle is a reliable way to ensure that your prospect will not become overwhelmed with information and that you deliver only the most necessary points to help with your pitch.

Step 5 – Closing the deal: The When 

Once you’ve engaged and enlightened your prospect, you can round off your presentation by asking “When can we start?”

Hopefully, if you’ve pitched successfully, there should be nothing to stop your client from sealing the deal. If they’re not fully on board, sometimes clarifying elements of the pitch that they didn’t understand could be enough to land you the contract.

If the client is still non-committal or hesitant, request a time to follow-up. However, don’t spend too long chasing a lead that grows cold as chances are if they wanted to work with you, they would have signed up straight away.

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