Avoiding Web Maintenance Nightmares


It would be a costly mistake to believe that you can set and forget a website once it’s been developed. For any small to medium business, nay, any business at all, we offer you this piece of advice: keep up your website maintenance practices. 

Websites that aren’t regularly updated are almost certain to fall victim to Google’s ruthless algorithms, which penalise out of date content, dead links and lack of traffic. 

Additionally, viruses and service attacks are becoming more common and an old website will be easier to penetrate for malicious actors. 

Especially if you’re a new business, it may not be feasible to hire an in-house team of web developers who can keep your website looking brand new. 

Doing so comes with all kinds of overhead costs such as investment in technology, office space, salaries and resources.

Thankfully, there is an easy alternative that is kind to your profit margins and easily accessible – the white label website maintenance services of Agency Stack. 

We partner with your business to fill the gaps of your digital skill set and take the burden off your team to manage the complexities of website maintenance.

To prove our prowess, this blog will discuss some of the common website maintenance pitfalls and why an old website can hurt your brand’s reputation. 

404 Errors

If you’re not familiar with the worlds “Not Found” or “404 Error”, you’ve either got a highly functional website, or you’re not so digitally adept. Both are fine places to be in your digital journey, but the latter calls for the experts to remedy any mistakes you may be making without realising. 

These phrases, also known as broken internal links, cost money and indicate that your website is a long way from being its best. 

Worse still, the causes of 404 Errors range from irritating to complex, and often require significant heavy lifting by a website builder to remedy. 

Browser Incompatibility

In April 2023, the world’s most popular internet browser, Google Chrome, released Chrome 112. This latest update was just one in a string of hundreds of updates across numerous browsers. 

Each time this happens, websites must be updated to align with the new browsers version’s requirements. 

This can be frustrating, but such is the way of the internet. Your website must be constantly upgraded to remain up to date, not least because an incompatible browser is a security risk to would-be shoppers.

Server Crashes

Even in the best of circumstances your website server (where it’s stored) can crash, making it inaccessible and denying anyone the opportunity to shop with your brand online. 

This can be caused by a heavy influx of website traffic, malicious attacks, hosting errors and plenty of other reasons. 

To avoid such occurrences, some businesses hire an on-demand security team to handle server crashes at any time of day. Of course, this can be needlessly expensive. 

Instead, Agency Stack offers its white label web maintenance services to provide the same function just as effectively.

Avoid Website Maintenance Hell

Website maintenance can be as easy or as difficult as you make it. Tackling it alone can feel like a wormhole you’ll never escape, while white labelling the service is the simplest decision you’ll ever make

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