Agency Stack’s Keys to Competent Copy


A great digital marketing campaign requires the pooling of many skills, from having an eye for design, to website maintenance services and knowing how to craft exceptional copy. 

This can all feel overwhelming at first, but this blog will aim to tick off at least one of these crucial skills. 

When it comes to your creative assets, clever and concise captions are the backbone of your campaign. 

If you’d rather outsource copywriting to our team, we totally get it! If however, you’re ready to take on the task of sharpening your copy skills, here are some of our best-kept secrets to give you a head start.

Ask Yourself: What Does Good Copy Look Like?

The answer to this question will differ depending on your target audience, your chosen platform, your subject matter and your industry. 

Overall, marketing copy should aim to create a blend of sales pitch (your features and benefits) and conversation. 

At the same time, great copy must be genuine. Try to be authentic, really get to know what you’re writing about and define your content’s purpose before you begin. 

On target audience: it pays to know who you’re talking to. Without this understanding, there’s every chance you will use language that doesn’t resonate with them.

Perfect Your Hook

Terrific grammar and witty wordplay are pointless if no one is reading your copy, so ensure what you’re writing is actually going to be of interest to your audience. 

This starts with a strong headline that gives away the main point of what you’re discussing while leaving the finer details to those who “read more.”

From here, subheadings and well-ordered content will ensure the reader is engrossed from start to finish. What we mean by “well-ordered” is the concept of delivering your content in order from most to least interesting. 

This pillar of good journalism also applies to any kind of ad copy because no one will read line two if line one was a bust. Whether it’s a social media caption, a billboard, or a blog, well-ordered copy works wonders. 

Learn From the Past

If you’re stuck on content ideas, there is nothing more valuable than what has been done before. Many people overlook the content they’ve done before, thinking it might be outdated or tired. 

On the contrary, not only is it a great source of inspiration, but a great place to improve and better your work. 

Look through your old content writing to see what worked and what didn’t. You can recycle the parts that worked into new ideas and write even better copy in your content.

Don’t believe us? The blog that you’re currently reading was first published in 2020! Thanks to our love of evergreen content, we’ve been able to refresh the best parts and deliver some helpful content once again. 

Establish Your Voice

Very few audience members will enjoy reading something that has no personality. The world wide web has more than enough copy for your audience to get lost in, so yours needs to stand out in order to be effective and engaging. 

To do this, we recommend avoiding passive language. This occurs when you make the object of a sentence into the subject – “The ball was kicked by me,” instead of “I kicked the ball.”

By choosing the latter, your writing will come across as more authoritative and confident, giving your readers confidence in your brand. 

Learn More From the Experts

Agency Stack has the copywriting team to deliver premium social media, Google Ads, blogs, web copy, and more for your business. If you don’t have the time or expertise in effective copywriting, get in touch and let us get to work

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