A Guide to Outsourcing Content Writing


For any business, regardless of industry or size, quality content for websites and social media is a crucial element of branding and marketing. If a company has spent time and effort on ensuring that their messaging is clear and well executed, they will not only be able to retain clients but also attract new ones with their engaging content.

Sometimes it can be hard to stay on top of content creation in-house, especially when content needs to be specialised for certain industries and niches. That’s when it can come in handy to outsource content writers in UK and beyond. The commitment and time it takes to create the amount of content necessary to attract and engage new leads can be a concern for businesses, but luckily it is one that can be mitigated through outsourcing content writing. 

Here are our top tips on why  outsourcing content writing is a must for any business looking to up their game, where you can still retain quality and consistency as well as synergy between platforms.

Cut costs

This one is an obvious one, but outsourcing your content writing is cheaper than hiring a full-time writer. Not only will you not have to worry about training them but you can save thousands of dollars by not having to cover someone’s salary. Outsourcing content writing also means you’ll have more time to focus on ideation, marketing, strategy and experimentation and you’ll be able to see your return on investment more clearly. When you outsource, you’re only paying someone for their service, not the equipment or other expenses that are involved when hiring a full-time member of staff. This makes it a really affordable option for a lot of businesses, especially smaller ones that are trying to keep costs down.

Industry experts

Whilst you or your colleagues might be knowledgeable when it comes to your job or your industry, that doesn’t mean that you’re experts. Sometimes it’s worth reaching out to content writers who have wide ranging experience as well as specialising in certain areas or topics, which means you’ll be guaranteed to find someone who is the right fit for the content writing you need for your brand, and hopefully get insider knowledge that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

More time and flexibility

The reality is that researching, writing, editing and publishing regular content can be and is a full-time job in itself, so it’s no wonder that one of the main reasons people look to outsourcing content writing for their business is because they don’t have the time to do it themselves. Outsourcing is a great, flexible option for a company to be able to try out different styles of writing and approaches to producing content. Being able to outsource also provides your business the flexibility to scale back when needed and scale up as the business grows.

Publish More Content

Assembling content that is relevant and high quality takes time, and there’s only so much writing one person can do in a day. So when you outsource that writing for someone else to handle, you can still have creative input but you’re able to publish more content and on a more regular schedule. Outsourcing can help you scale up whilst producing writing that is fast and efficient.

Fresh ideas

By introducing new talent to a business through outsourcing content writing, you can access different viewpoints by allowing writers to express interesting concepts in new ways. It can also be a great way for companies to benefit from fresh ideas, as content writers will often have worked with many different clients across a range of industries and will therefore have been exposed to various topics and trends. They will have in-depth knowledge and experience to bring to the table and by utilising a pool of content writers, you’ll have a constant, reliable and refreshing source of inspiration and new ideas that you can tap into.

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