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The Stuff of Nightmares: Website Maintenance in 2021

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Many small to medium businesses live under the false hope that once their website is developed and ready to launch, that it will require no further effort or expense. Unfortunately for them, websites are not static things. Domains expire. Content needs revitalising. SEO is a long-term project. Viruses and service attacks are common. And the internet itself just keeps changing.

Yet onboarding your own in-house IT department may be neither practical nor desirable. In such a scenario, the overheads will just keep coming (investment in technology, office space, salaries, resources, et al) and will certainly induce a very big headache.

Thankfully, there is an easy alternative that is profit margin friendly and immediately accessible: white label website maintenance. At Agency Stack UK, we partner with your business to fill the gaps of your digital skill set and take the burden off your team to manage the complexities of website maintenance.

To drive the point home, in this blog we will list some more common website maintenance issues and the damage they can wreak on your business or company if not managed swiftly.

404 Errors

The words “Not Found” and “404 Error” are so common that they’re now listed in most online dictionaries, but for businesses they’re the stuff of nightmares. 404 Errors, also known as broken internal links, cost money – sometimes big money. Worse still, the cause of 404 Errors ranges from irritating to complex, and often require significant heavy lifting by a website builder to remedy. Mod-rewrites, .htaccess and incorrect custom URL routes are just some of the causes of broken internal links, but every minute that goes by, is a minute that costs you money. Broken internal links must be fixed quickly and expertly (as to not create additional problems).

Browser Incompatibility

New browser versions, and sometimes even entirely new browsers, come online frequently, but websites don’t automatically adjust to new browser requirements. As frustrating as this may sound, your website needs to be constantly upgraded to remain up to date, not least because an incompatible browser is a security risk to would-be shoppers.

Server Crashes

Even in the best of circumstances your website server (where it’s stored) can crash, effectively taking your website offline and all potential sales along with it. Worse still, servers can crash at the most inconvenient times, disrupting your website continuity in the middle of the night, while you’re on holidays, or in the middle of an important retail event. However, hiring a security team to handle server crashes at any time of day is needlessly costly, when a whitelabel service will provide the same function just as effectively.

Service Attacks

More commonly referred to as “being hacked”, service attacks are complicated situations that arise from an external threat breaking into your site. Far from just being pranks by bored kids, hacking attempts can be sophisticated break-ins by a technologically sophisticated opponent. Simplistically, service attacks can escalate from bad to worse extremely quickly, and not only can hackers disrupt your website, but they can also go after your customer’s private information while they’re at it. Service attacks can single handily erode your customers trust in your website, fleece your business of unthinkable amounts of money, and disrupt the entire future of your business. However, the best way to defend your website against service attacks is surprisingly ordinary: by whitelabelling an expert web maintenance team, you can ensure you have someone keeping an eye on your website at all times.

Say Goodbye to Website Maintenance Hell

Agency Stack is your “business partners on demand”. We exist to manage your website maintenance and all services across digital marketing, so you don’t have to. Contact us today for assistance.