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How to Match Blogs with Expectations

When it comes to white label digital marketing, getting your blog list written for you may be at the top of your wish list.

Blogs may be fantastic for SEO purposes, and an obvious service offering, but they’re time consuming to write, and even trickier to get right. Who hasn’t come across a terribly written blog that does more harm than good?

In fact, no matter how professional your “back end” digital marketing services are, it’s those “front end” services like blog posts that are going to get the most notice. In short, you’ll be judged by the quality of your blogs just as much as the quality of your website development!

You’ll also be judged by the quantity of your blogs. More is more when it comes to digital marketing content and this applies to your bottom line, too. Afterall, you don’t want to write just one or two blogs a month. To turn a healthy profit, you need to write fifty to five hundred blogs a month!

We all know the quantity doesn’t equal quality, even when you have the very best copywriters on your team.

Don’t Turn Good Jobs Away 

There’s only so much you can manage, before you have to start turning jobs away. Agency Stack doesn’t want you to turn any jobs away, which is where our white label content creation service comes in.

Imagine if you could add an entire team of Australian-based professional copywriters to your business at the click of your fingers, as and when you need them. That’s what Agency Stack offers.

Our copywriters are not just Australian-based SEO experts, they’re creative forward-thinkers, too. We sat down with them to ask them some of their favourite blog post styles to demonstrate some of the ways they might approach your content.

Our copywriters can adopt any tone of voice to accurately reflect your business, so you can feel proud to put your stamp on the results.

Our Top 5 Blog Post Styles

Our copywriters love to think outside of the box, but there are some tried-and-tested blog post styles that simply work, that they think every business should adopt at least once.

1. The List 

As humans, we are drawn to short, sharp concepts. For example, if we are attracted to a brand then we want to know about their top selling products. We love articles that tell us “The Top 5 Holiday Destinations in Australia” and blogs that demonstrate “Ten Ways to Wear This Best Selling Skirt”. Lists are memorable and easy to understand, which is why they make such great blog posts.

2. The Story

Great stories are engaging and hard to forget, which is why presenting your brand or product as a story is such a winning concept. Stories allow you to emotionally connect with your readers and build out your brand messaging and identity in detail. The best blog posts use stories to add value to any given brand or product, by making it more special to customers.

3. The Interview

Interviews represent a simple format that appeals to our natural sense of conversation. If you have someone behind the scenes who has the gift of the gab, why not let one of our copywriters interview them for some great blog content? We can also edit their responses to work better for your search engine rankings.

4. The Cheat Sheet

We’re all short on time these days, which is why customers want a cheat sheet for everything. A quick and easy guide to a product or service is invaluable to curious customers who want to assess the value of your business without receiving a “hard sell”. Cheat sheets indirectly tell someone what’s great about your product or service, without spelling it out.

5. The News Reader

If you’re dealing with an information-based business, having a regular news bulletin is a great way to show that you’re staying on top of industry developments. By presenting a recap of recent industry news and even expressing a unique take on it, you position your business as a leader in the field, which builds customer loyalty and trust.

To find out more about Agency Stack’s blog writing skills, contact us here.