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Outsource Content Writers in UK
A Guide to Outsourcing Content Writing 750 500 First Move Support

A Guide to Outsourcing Content Writing

For any business, regardless of industry or size, quality content for websites and social media is a crucial element of branding and marketing. If a company has spent time and effort on ensuring that their messaging is clear and well executed, they will not only be able to retain clients but also attract new ones with their engaging content.

Sometimes it can be hard to stay on top of content creation in-house, especially when content needs to be specialised for certain industries and niches. That’s when it can come in handy to outsource content writers in UK and beyond. The commitment and time it takes to create the amount of content necessary to attract and engage new leads can be a concern for businesses, but luckily it is one that can be mitigated through outsourcing content writing. 

Here are our top tips on why  outsourcing content writing is a must for any business looking to up their game, where you can still retain quality and consistency as well as synergy between platforms.

Cut costs

This one is an obvious one, but outsourcing your content writing is cheaper than hiring a full-time writer. Not only will you not have to worry about training them but you can save thousands of dollars by not having to cover someone’s salary. Outsourcing content writing also means you’ll have more time to focus on ideation, marketing, strategy and experimentation and you’ll be able to see your return on investment more clearly. When you outsource, you’re only paying someone for their service, not the equipment or other expenses that are involved when hiring a full-time member of staff. This makes it a really affordable option for a lot of businesses, especially smaller ones that are trying to keep costs down.

Industry experts

Whilst you or your colleagues might be knowledgeable when it comes to your job or your industry, that doesn’t mean that you’re experts. Sometimes it’s worth reaching out to content writers who have wide ranging experience as well as specialising in certain areas or topics, which means you’ll be guaranteed to find someone who is the right fit for the content writing you need for your brand, and hopefully get insider knowledge that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

More time and flexibility

The reality is that researching, writing, editing and publishing regular content can be and is a full-time job in itself, so it’s no wonder that one of the main reasons people look to outsourcing content writing for their business is because they don’t have the time to do it themselves. Outsourcing is a great, flexible option for a company to be able to try out different styles of writing and approaches to producing content. Being able to outsource also provides your business the flexibility to scale back when needed and scale up as the business grows.

Publish More Content

Assembling content that is relevant and high quality takes time, and there’s only so much writing one person can do in a day. So when you outsource that writing for someone else to handle, you can still have creative input but you’re able to publish more content and on a more regular schedule. Outsourcing can help you scale up whilst producing writing that is fast and efficient.

Fresh ideas

By introducing new talent to a business through outsourcing content writing, you can access different viewpoints by allowing writers to express interesting concepts in new ways. It can also be a great way for companies to benefit from fresh ideas, as content writers will often have worked with many different clients across a range of industries and will therefore have been exposed to various topics and trends. They will have in-depth knowledge and experience to bring to the table and by utilising a pool of content writers, you’ll have a constant, reliable and refreshing source of inspiration and new ideas that you can tap into.

Benefits of White Label Social Media Management
Benefits of White Label Social Media Management 750 500 First Move Support

Benefits of White Label Social Media Management

You might be wondering what white labelling is, and whether your business should white label social media services. These are two very important questions to ask, so let’s dive in and take a look at how white labelling your social media management can prove beneficial to your business and add value to your brand. We’ll also give you some tips on what the best approach is when it comes to considering white label social media management for your company.

What is white labelling? 

White labelling is the process of outsourcing work to an external company. It refers to the third-party service or product that has been branded to look as though it is owned by or has been made by the company using it. Social media agencies have been using third-party software and tools to serve their clients for quite some time. It is a useful practice for brands to outsource work, where they can still guarantee quality and consistency, but have their time freed up to focus on other areas of their business. 

Common problems for social media management

It’s often hard to find the time and resources to boost your social media content on your own. Problems that brands can often encounter when it comes to managing their social media platforms include: not being able to find the time to regularly post relevant content across a number of channels, struggling to find a team of knowledgeable and highly skilled staff to carry out the work, and not having the capacity to think of creative and engaging content that will be appropriate for their audience. This is when it can be handy to white label your social media management for somebody else to take care of on your behalf.

Reasons to white label social media outsourcing works

Return on investment – If a brand is looking after their own social media platforms themselves, it is more likely that they might slip out of a routine or quit before they’ve even really got the ball rolling if things can seem too tedious or time-consuming. When social media work is outsourced instead, agencies and their clients know what they’re signing themselves up for and can manage their expectations accordingly. But it also means that the work is guaranteed to be delivered, which will boost return on investment and prove successful in the long-run.

Cut down on unnecessary costs – When it comes to managing a business, particularly in trade and service sectors, it can be incredibly difficult to keep costs down. By outsourcing work, you can reduce overheads because you don’t need to worry about hiring additional team members. However, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that the work will be completed on time and be of the highest quality. It takes the pressure off of having to train new staff or keeping an eye on multiple projects being completed at the same time.

Save time – By cutting out hiring new staff and outsourcing the work instead, you not only save money as outlined above, but you save a ton of time too. You don’t have to train employees, especially to a level where they would be knowledgeable enough to be considered an expert on something like social media. Trying to find the right person for your team can be incredibly difficult and time consuming, so by hiring a full-service white label digital marketing agency, you automatically gain access to industry professionals who will assist you with your content. Saving time is one of the biggest benefits of white label social media management, because it means that you can take on multiple commitments at the same time without having to worry about there being too much work.

Focus on growth – When you’re able to white label your social media management, this allows you the time and space to be able to focus on the things that matter, such as growing the business and thinking of the bigger picture. You’ll be in a better position to expand your business and keep things moving and your clients satisfied, whilst still being able to update your content consistently and with precision.

5 Reasons Why Website Maintenance is Important 150 150 First Move Support

5 Reasons Why Website Maintenance is Important

If you have a business, maintaining your website throughout the year is key to ensuring that your site is complimenting your business strategy. You may be wondering if you should outsource website maintenance or whether you can keep on top of this in-house. It is of course an added expense if you choose to outsource, which is something that especially smaller businesses or businesses who are just starting out should consider. Below, we’ll run you through our list of reasons why regular website maintenance is so important.

First impressions

Your website is the digital face of any brand or business. Alongside social media platforms, it’s one of the first places visitors will come to get information about your company. Regular website maintenance is important here, as when you keep your site updated with fresh, new content, you in turn can attract potential new customers by driving new traffic to your site. If your website is looking like it is in desperate need of some TLC or it isn’t working properly, customers aren’t going to stay on your site. A poorly maintained website looks unprofessional and will reflect badly on your business.

Grow sales

For your existing clients and customers, keeping your site up to date with original and new content is crucial to retaining them. If the information you’re providing on your website looks like it’s outdated, customers may be inclined to look to your competitor’s site for what they need. If you don’t want to be missing out on potential sales, website maintenance is crucial here as it helps keep your website running smoothly 24/7.

Improve security

As technology advances, hackers are becoming increasingly clever at identifying vulnerabilities in code on websites and have no hesitations taking advantage of this. By staying on top of website maintenance, you can keep all of your software and plug-ins updated. In Australia, cyberattacks are costing the economy $1 billion AUD a year. In the US, cyberattacks cost companies $15.4 million USD per year and repairing the resulting damage is often costly, not to mention the fallout with regards to your relationships with customers. If their personal information has been compromised, they may no longer trust you with their data.

Boost SEO strategy

If you’re keen to boost your search engine rankings, what do you need to do? You guessed it! Website maintenance is important for this reason because when you update your website with different, regular content, your website’s rankings will improve and therefore encourage new visitors to your site. That’s partly because search engine algorithms love being fed fresh, new content – they can’t sustain themselves on the content they’ve already consumed! So if you’re updating your website regularly like a pro, you’re just giving search engines like Google even more of a reason to rank you higher. Make sure you’re using appropriate keywords and that your website updates are relevant, as well as being optimised for search engines.

Encourages site backups

If you’ve ever had a lost or stolen phone, you will know how important it is to have all of your information backed up. There’s nothing worse than trying to replace a device, only to realise that you don’t have access to a most recent backup of all of your data. Think about how much more frustrating this would be for a website. If your site needs to be rebuilt or reinstated, you’ll hopefully be working from a backup. Website maintenance is paramount here as it means that you can avoid costly fees and the time-consuming task of rebuilding the website from scratch. You might have to pay a fee if your backup is being kept on a hosting platform, but that’s preferential compared to going back to square one.

How To Effectively Edit Your Copy 1024 683 First Move Support

How To Effectively Edit Your Copy

When it comes to ecommerce marketing nothing works better than perfectly crafted content that helps people in knowing the trade and purpose of any business. Content also helps in enhancing the rankings of any website in search results. If you want to enhance the exposure of any ecommerce website and boost its online visibility then content is the key. A lot of ecommerce retailers tend to outsource copywriting tasks to digital marketing agencies and freelance writers, but there are some businesses who want to be in total control of content creation and maintain in-house copywriters for this purpose. While in some cases business owners tend to write content for their business on their own as they want to be in total control and be sure about the quality of content that is being published on behalf of their business. However, writing an effective copy of content is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time, energy, creativity, and skills to craft a good content copy for a blog or newsletter that is capable of  answering the queries of consumers effectively and making conversions. We have put together some really valuable tips that will help those who want to write content on their own for their business and digital marketers who aspire to be effective copywriters and editors. These tips are listed below:

Keep it Concise Yet Comprehensive:

When it is about quality content, always remember, less is more. Don’t try to make your content copy longer by adding too much details, only jot down the information that is necessary for your user to know.. The average attention span of readers is very little these days, a lot of them don’t even tend to read the content if they see a large number of words, many of them leave it midway, and a very few people read the entire copy if it is too long. Therefore, if you are capable of expressing a narrative or story in lesser words do it. Don’t try to expand the number of words in your content copy, it won’t benefit you anyway. In simple terms, when it comes to a content copy, “the shorter, the better” stands true.

Keep it Simple:

Readability of content matters a lot these days, you can’t expect every single reader of your content to be at the same intellectual level. Therefore, the need of the hour is to keep your content as simple as possible by avoiding the use of complex words that are not used often during everyday discussion. There is no need to make your content complicated or unreadable for common people, you should cater to the needs of a variety of audience and if you are using simple language in your content, it will be able to attract more number of readers and ultimately help you in making more conversion through your content.

Proofread Your Content:

There are a number of effective tools that can help you in rectifying grammatical and spelling mistakes in your content. A popular tool for this purpose is Grammarly. These tools will also help you in maximising the readability and correcting the sentence structure of your content. However, before turning your head towards any tool, you need to figure out your own mistakes by yourself. The best way to identify mistakes in your content is reading it out loud. If you are not comfortable while doing this you can take help of your computer to read it for you. If you observe any issue you will be able to rectify it immediately before any tool points it out. Just make sure your content is well structured and grammatically correct, it will create a better impact ultimately.

Writing Your Ecommerce To Do List 1024 683 First Move Support

Writing Your Ecommerce To Do List

Ecommerce is grabbing the attention of millions of customers around the world. It’s an accessible and convenient way to purchase things from the comfort of our own homes. Online shopping through ecommerce retailers saves consumers time and energy while they can continue to get their desired items delivered to their doorstep. 

However, most users value user experience the most while purchasing products or services online. Many ecommerce retailers are left far behind their competition because they are unable to offer what is now the expected level of user experience despite having quality products and offering cost-effective deals. Every business should remember that having a website with an impressive design is not always enough, they need to continuously put their efforts into the maintenance of their website. 

There are two possible options when it comes to maintaining your site. One is hiring white label website maintenance services from a reliable vendor or as a second option, recruiting your own team of developers and designers who can look after your website and perform its maintenance on a regular basis. 

We’ve put together our favourite tips and tricks to ensure your website maintenance to do list covers all the important things!

Use Google Tag Manager:

Your ecommerce site is already using Google Analytics, Adwords, and other code snippets for various purposes. Manually managing all these code snippets can sometimes be challenging and time consuming. Google Tag Manager on the other hand, enables you to centralise and manage all those code snippets in one place without any need for manual coding. You can even choose which tags should be triggered in which situation. This tag manager is a better option instead of spreading third party codes all over your website. This will help make your site faster. Everything in the one place makes managing your website easier. Tools that are not in use can be easily removed. You can activate tracking without ruining HTML code. In case if anything goes wrong, you can quickly undo it using Tag manager. 

Search for 404s:

You can easily view how Google sees your website by using Google Search Console. Additionally, it also suggests improvements in HTML code to enhance the performance of your website. It also enables you to see how your website will appear in Google search results. You can observe links to your site and indexed pages on Google as well through this tool. The most useful thing to do with this tool is observing the crawl errors. This tool enables you to figure out the websites and links that direct traffic to non-existing 404 pages on your website. These 404s can be a problem for your SEO and user experience as well. Once you are able to figure out all 404 errors, you can either create pages for missing links or create 301 redirects. Redirects tend to be much faster and easier and this also enables you to divert the traffic to the desired destination.

Step into the Shoes of Your Customers:

There are a number of bugs that are often overlooked during the process of development in order to meet the website creation deadline. These bugs are usually non-critical and their rectification is planned to be done after the site is live. The most authentic way to figure out these bugs and fix them is to observe how real visitors use this site with the help of video sessions. For instance, there can be issues regarding design and layout of the website when Google translate is used by the visitors to translate the content of the website into their native languages. This way you can see the performance and issues of your site through someone else’s eyes and come with suitable improvements to rectify the issue.

PPC Meet Email Marketing 1024 683 First Move Support

PPC Meet Email Marketing

There are a number of ways to up your brand’s presence with things like SEO, PPC, and marketing. However, one particular technique we love is email marketing. This type of digital marketing often brings reliable results and can really help boost traffic to your website. 

No matter how much time you spend on staying connected with your customers on different social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, email marketing has proven its worth in promoting higher customer retention. 

The things that set email marketing apart from the rest are its ability to directly reach your audience’s inbox. You’re then able to start crafting the next level of your relationship with your customers making it more genuine, purposeful and personal than ever. 

Another effective marketing technique is PPC advertising (pay per click). These days it’s relatively easy to hire white label ppc service from a digital agency that will then boost the reach of your content and thus the size of your audience. While these two marketing techniques have their own qualities and benefits it’s when the two are combined that the magic really happens. The trick is to use both these marketing channels in a synchronized strategy to increase the reach of your website and encourage more traffic and leads. 

Here are our tips on how to get your PPC & email marketing working together:

Boost Your Email List Through PPC:

It can be tricky to maintain and manage multiple email lists. Most websites use subscriber forms to encourage visitors to sign up to email marketing lists. However, PPC ads can help in boosting subscriptions too. With higher click-through rates these ads are often helpful for customers to find the information and products they are looking for. With the help of PPC ads you can drive a decent rate of traffic to your website. A user who has clicked through to your site from an ad is usually already interested in your product or service. This means you can up your chances of adding to your lists. You can then use those lists to personalise marketing towards users who clicked through from your ads.

Assess & Analyse Your Email Marketing:

The results of email marketing can only go so far if you fail to constantly assess and analyse them. There is no point hammering out emails that your audience is not even opening. Instead you can keep a keen eye on analytics and constantly optimise your strategy to only spend time on what is getting those clicks. An effective email that triggers customers to take action usually have some key critical elements in their design. An effective mail should include attention seeking subject line, a compelling image, impactful personalised email copy, and an appropriate call to action. You can test these elements through your PPC ads and analyse their performance. Things like your CTA can be effectively analysed using PPC ads. 

Make use of GSP through Gmail:

There is no doubt that Gmail is the most used email vendor across the world with around 1.5 billion active users. You can utilise this domination of Gmail for the promotion of your business by getting direct access to the personal inbox of targeted users or a wide range of audiences. Google Sponsored Promotion can work wonders for you too. GSP enables you to display an interactive ad in the personal Gmail inbox of targeted audience in Promotions or Social tab. You can grab the attention of a wide variety of audience through compelling ads in their inbox and drive them to your website. GSP also makes use of PPC ads, you just have to pay for the clicks that expand your ads.

Our Content Copy Tips & Tricks 1024 683 First Move Support

Our Content Copy Tips & Tricks

Great social media management requires the pooling of many skills. From having an exciting eye for design, to creating engaging campaigns and knowing how to craft exceptional copy. At first it can feel like a lot to master all while being able to keep a finger on the pulse. When it comes to the creative, clever and concise captions that make good copy and content great, we’re here to help. If you’d rather outsource copywriting to our team, we totally get it! If however, you’re ready to take on the task of sharpening your copy skills, here are some of our best kept secrets to give you a head start.

First of all, what does good content copy look like?

When writing for social media and marketing campaigns a few things should differ. You have to create a perfect blend of sales pitch and conversation all in one. Great copy is also genuine. Try to be authentic and know what you’re writing about and why you’re writing it before you begin. Know who you are talking to as well. That way you have a better chance of connecting with them through your copy.

Some other things we do to write great copy include:

  • Ensure what you’re writing is actually going to be of interest to your audience. Use headlines in your writing to interest your readers too. You can get creative with spacing your captions so certain sentences are your “headline” before readers are prompted to click “see more”. Make sure your copy headlines, titles, and openers do you justice. Make sure they capture the most interesting point of what you’re trying to say or leave people so intrigued that can’t possibly scroll past!
  • If you’re stuck on content ideas there is nothing more valuable than what has been done before. Many people overlook the content they’ve done before, but not only is it a great source of inspiration, but a great place to improve and better your work. Look through your old content and copy. See what worked and what didn’t. You can recycle the parts that worked into new ideas and write EVEN better copy in your content.
  • Establish your voice. Nobody wants to read something that has no personality. There is enough copy out there for your audiences so making yours stand out will ensure it’s effective and engaging. Avoid speaking passively. Be confident in your copy and you will quickly establish your business as a point of authority in your niche. Excite your readers and capture exactly what your business is about by ensuring your copy is written with an active, engaging voice.
  • This one probably goes without saying but check! Your! Grammar!  And then check it again! And even once more for good measure. We all know it’s easy for typos to slip through the cracks so you can never be too careful checking your copy. Have it run over by a few different people for good measure. The last thing you need is your readers to be distracted from your point by a typo or grammar mistake that could’ve been so easily avoided!
  • Devising a style guide for your captions and copy is a little extra effort that will go a long way. It will save you time in the future and ensure your business is represented through your copy with a cohesive and effective style. You can also set character limits to optimise your copy style to your audience.
Why Your Site Needs More TLC 1024 683 First Move Support

Why Your Site Needs More TLC

Businesses are looking for different ways to reach out to their consumers in these difficult times due to lockdown. However, because of the COVID-19 global pandemic, people may be restricted to their homes but thanks to the internet, if anything, people are staying more connected than ever.

This means that they are also using the internet to source products, goods, and services they may need. This has increased the load of traffic on many ecommerce websites considerably. This increased load of traffic, while great for businesses, can cause problems for your website if it’s not ready for the rush. Therefore, it should be high on your to- do list to make sure that your website is optimised and capable of handling increased traffic.

In order to keep you or your clients websites looking sharp, you can outsource website maintenance to white label agencies. Don’t tell anyone but we actually know a great one…

If you’d rather take on the DIY task of maintaining your site, here are some of our insider tips to get started!

Your website essentially represents your business on the internet and acts as the digital face of your brand. A routine-based maintenance schedule of your ecommerce site is just like a good skin care routine. Regular care will ensure you a smooth working website 24 hours a day 7 days a week without and prevent any interruptions.

Maintenance on a regular basis will also allow you to ensure proper working of your website. If you overlook these needs for regular maintenance of your business website, you may miss small errors that could otherwise be rectified easily.

Ensuring your website is regularly responsive means your customers are always able to find what they need. This means they will see your brand as loyal and reliable, improving your customer retention.

Maintenance on a regular basis will help you in keeping your site updated and loaded with fresh and new content. Updating your site with original and unique content regularly will help you in keeping a prominent position in search engine result rankings. This in turn will help you better control and drive traffic to your site. This is also a great way to establish your business as an authority of your niche where customers can find relevant information and updates in the form of engaging content.

There is nothing more important for businesses than retaining their existing customers. As regular maintenance of a website also helps in keeping it updated and loaded with fresh original content, it will help you in keeping your existing customers satisfied and strengthening your bond with them. Your existing customers will not only view your original content but also share it on various platforms thus lending a helping hand in your venture of securing new customers for your business. Word of mouth marketing is one of the most powerful forms of generating leads.