Unlocking Agency Growth Opportunities | Agency Stack


There are many ways to grow your agency but they all revolve around 2 key objectives: Increasing revenue or increasing margin.  If possible, the ideal is to increase both.

Increasing revenue can be achieved by growing your client base,  capturing a larger share of your existing clients’ wallets or by charging more for your services.

Increasing your client base means increasing your production capacity.  Capturing a larger share of wallet means adding services and therefore capability.

Increasing prices really means attracting clients who have larger budgets but inevitably have higher expectations.  All of which brings us back to our need to increase capacity and capability.

Unfortunately increasing capacity and capability means greater overheads and subsequently lower margins. It’s a vicious circle that all of us face when running a business that leaves us asking if there is a better way.

If you have found yourself pondering that same question then you have come to the right place.  That better way is Agency Stack.


Project focused agencies all share something in common. Revenue ups and downs as one project ends and another begins.  The peaks can be fantastic but carrying overhead through the downcycles ultimately erodes profit margins and can put a strain on any business.

The best way to combat the rollercoaster ride of project workflows is to create ongoing implementation activities for your clients. These low touch activities not only provide revenue to smooth out the peaks and troughs, they generate cashflow that compounds month on month as you add new clients.

Working with Agency Stack you don’t have to bid farewell to the clients you love at the end of the project. They will stay and keep spending long into the future.


At Agency Stack we understand that it is your specialist knowledge that brings clients in the door. It is that expertise that makes your agency awesome. That said nothing stings like having to pass on a potentially lucrative client request when they ask for a service outside your core competency.

Working with Agency Stack means you the next time a client asks if you do websites or can handle ongoing implementation activities outside your core offering you just say yes.  We take care of the rest.


Every Agency has a desire to add new clients to their portfolio. Growing your customer base is a key part of scaling any business but what happens when your team is at capacity?  Do you ask that new prospect to wait until the current workflow clears or to hang around while you work through your contact list trying to pull together freelancers?

Sourcing multidisciplinary resources you can trust in order to onboard a new customer can be a big challenge.

Agency Stack provide capable trained resources on demand without the additional cost and time associated with finding new staff.  Partnering with us means you will always have cost effective resources at your fingertips and you will never have to let a new prospect go due to issues of capacity.


No matter how large or small your development team is there are always occasions when you encounter a prospect who is not a perfect fit for your production pipeline.

If you have a small team you may find a large project walks in the door that you do not have the inhouse expertise or bandwidth to deliver comfortably. Conversely if you have a large team geared to delivering complex projects you may reject the smaller ones because it is simply too difficult to break off a piece of your team to service the job.

At Agency Stack we are platform agnostic and believe that no job is too big or too small. We can provide cost effective development resources at short notice and at a rate that means you never have to let another project go.

Next time you hook a fish that looks too small to keep or too big for your boat, reach out to us for a fixed price quote you can bank on.


The Agency Stack promise is that every campaign package or dedicated resource we provide includes account oversite from our Australian team.  This is what sets us apart.

But that is not the only way we can help you to grow your agency presence.  If you want to demonstrate your capability, we can be there to back you on scoping sessions, pitch meetings and any client facing situations where you need our technical acumen or even just moral support.

If you need help following up leads or generating new business, we have you covered.  If you want us to take over the day-to-day handling of reporting and general BAU of client relations, we can do that too.

Whatever you need and whenever you need it you can be sure that our team is your team.